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The integration of the automotive market after the automotive service market after the reorganization of the integration of domestic car ownership increased year by year, many families in the first tier cities have their own cars. And with the passage of time, the age of the car gradually increased, the demand for maintenance has become increasingly prominent, the car market after the service becomes the needs of each owner. But how to find a good car service shop, for the owners is a problem. Traditional car service is generally divided into 4S stores, chain stores, self-employed repair shop and some roadside stalls repair shop as the main service store. However, the owners at these different levels of the auto repair shop still retains a variety of service attitude, because in the process, between the owner and the store is still a lack of trust. 4S store: advantages: corresponding unified brand models, there are genuine original car parts and maintenance, a professional car service; disadvantages: other brands of cars can not provide services, but also no spare parts, part of the automobile maintenance project because the device failed to provide services; car shops have geographical restrictions, and not every area will have expensive services. Chain store maintenance: advantages: it can correspond to different brands and types of maintenance, maintenance and beauty services, good equipment support, the normal work flow of basic services, more formal, more complete spare parts store. Disadvantages: it is difficult to guarantee the maintenance chain store in the service quality, the service quality of different stores are not the same, but there is no authoritative supervision platform, consumers can not only refer to "luck". Self-employed repair shop: advantages: compared to 4S stores and chain stores, service prices are relatively cheap. Disadvantages: product quality and service quality is not guaranteed, the quality of service is lack of supervision, do not know how to maintain the quality of maintenance. Car service shop too much, how to choose a good car shop? Different level of service price, car service quality, store technology and other aspects of the country there are about 48 000 each one has its own merits; cable car service shop, the owner, want to start to choose a good car shop service is difficult. The quality of service mainly depends on the technology and quality of the car shop staff, no matter how good the car shop staff do not have the skills to do a good job, there is no reliable quality of service. The technology is good car shop service price will be high, which seems to be a lot of owners agree with the statement. But there are also expensive services and general car store, to a certain extent to the owners of the choice of "tianluan", the owners do not know their car store quality is to do good service. The new era of Internet car market has opened up a new battlefield"! The traditional automotive after market services have a variety of conditions to bring good service to the owners, and the rapid development of the Internet era, users and business information can pass each other faster and more efficient; the price of services, products, service quality, store information will be more transparent, the user through the screening of contrast can get better service. Automotive after market services to network platform is an inevitable trend. Together with the Internet to create a car after market services, providing more services to display.相关的主题文章: