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Since the implementation of the new regulations on Internet advertising can not be self willed release from September 1st onwards, by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the Interim Measures for the management of Internet advertising will become effective. Way to clearly define the Internet advertising, Internet advertising should be required to be identified, marked in a prominent position in the word advertising. Internet advertising official implementation of the new rules of Internet advertising is no longer you want to send, you want to be able to send hair. The following small series of inventory on what advertising can no longer be released. Five types of advertising must be clear that the "advertisement" "Internet advertising management measures" paid search, pop ads had big controversy, users are generally concerned about the hot issues made clear. The regulations, "refers to Internet advertising, web sites and web pages, Internet applications such as Internet media, text, pictures, audio, video or other forms, directly or indirectly, to sell goods or services of commercial advertising." Methods enumerated types of Internet including the crown height, is divided into five categories: (a) to sell goods or services with a link text, pictures or video and other forms of advertising; (two) selling goods or service email advertising; (three) to sell the goods or services of the search advertising; (four) sales the goods or services of commercial display advertising, the provisions of the laws, regulations and rules of the operators shall offer the consumer information is presented in accordance with its provisions; (five) other selling goods or services through the Internet media advertising business. As the most affected Baidu search, TechWeb query found that Baidu’s search results page advertising style has been from the original business promotion into advertising two words describe. The implementation of these new regulations that Internet advertising advertising can not be issued new regulations that wayward Internet advertising advertising cannot implement these wayward released micro-blog, circle of friends forwarded advertising should bear responsibility in the fans economy, red star network, micro-blog, WeChat and other media release of commercial advertising, also marked "advertisement". It is worth noting that, in September 1st, WeChat micro-blog, everyone in the circle of friends and other social media forwarding advertising posts, should bear the responsibility and obligation of advertising. Interim measures will be included in the scope of the management of the media. The provisions of article eleventh, "for advertisers or advertising operators push or display of Internet advertising, and can check the advertising content, advertising decision of natural persons, legal persons or other organizations, is the Internet advertising advertising." At the same time, Internet advertisers should be responsible for the authenticity of the content of advertising. And Internet advertising publishers should establish advertising management system. Not only to examine and verify the registration of the advertiser’s name, address, contact information and other identity information, but also to verify the contents of the ads. For those that do not conform to the content or the documents are not complete, the publisher shall not design, produce, distribute and publish. The director of Guangdong province Industrial and Commercial Bureau advertising supervision office Lin Yang in the interpretation of the provisions that, like "I think is chowhound, good place to dinner, a circle of friends," this class is to provide information, not really involved in business activities, is not advertising. Similar, if found on the Internet very good.相关的主题文章: