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Inter coach or resorted to 433 war Milan Debbie bluntly take three points – Sports Sohu target Pioli will play 433   formation; this weekend, the highly anticipated Milan Debbie will be staged, with the Nerazzurri chicken coaching, the Rossoneri Masamori, the San Siro battle full of surprise. The inter coach currently of interest, after taking office first encountered AC Milan, he is to be discharged on how the formation of blocking opponents, is not the focus of attention of fans. According to Italy media "Milan sports newspaper" said Piorry is likely to put the 433 Team Challenge rivals, he currently has Milan team conducted joint training, from the meaning of his showing in the training, the 433 team is best. Italy media said, Pioli first tried to make inter by 4231, but after taking office as the first Milan derby, is too conservative and low-key may be difficult to win fans heart, Pioli simply resorted to 433 attacks in the lineup, with the Rossoneri a hard road. These days from the friendly to the training sessions can be seen, inter midfielder Joao Mario is his most satisfying one, although the data in the OPTA list, Mario data is not excellent, but his most importance should be reflected in the organization of the competition and accurate passing, especially straight ball is a must. Pioli believes that Inter will only play 433 lineup, ability to maximize the versatile midfielder Mario, he will be standing in the key position of the team back, side is Blo R Vecchi and Shakespeare hole more than two teammates, but the Italy media said, once Medel from the Chilean National team after the return, perhaps can replace the tobiads hole. As for the front position and basic collocation, That’s final. I Karl Di Candreva, another winger will produce between Perisic and Adair, "Milan sports newspaper" the analysis of both ends is more outstanding Eder would become Pioli’s first choice. In the face of the upcoming Derby, inter coach Pioli looked extremely seriously, "Milan meaning is too important, we must put in 100% of energy, we should have a positive attitude, with a high concentration of spirit and determination, the team is only one goal, scored three points!" (GD)相关的主题文章: