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Intel can redefine Moore’s law in the car? Sohu, science and technology Shanghai at the end of October, the storm. Said half past two at the beginning of the conference, to a point of three, there is a bus of the old media wet low profile. They are unified from the capital point of error; 2 hours of the conference ended, they had to go back to the collective point of error. Adhere to the contract and the "fly" released in early days in momentum, venerable think — this upcoming "intelligent cockpit platform" must be very important. Many old wet missed the opening of the conference, of course, more importantly, to participate in the development of three companies – Intel, Neusoft and red flag…… Is a rare combination. If the combination appears in the GRE logic, usually you will not hesitate to circle the red flag – so it is often said that "do not take the unusual way" oh. FAW’s Dr. Li Qian (technology center information director) said that FAW began in 2003, the study of automatic driving, in many ways has been a deep technical accumulation. For example, in 2013 listed the Hongqi H7 car on the configuration of the ADAS (including the full adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, lane departure warning function), and standard technical features as H7. Nevertheless, still can not stop a subtle "old wood flowering" vu. According to the press release and conference revealed the meaning of the "smart cockpit platform" is from Intel and Neusoft research, mainly red contract application adaptation vehicle — flag will be equipped with this platform 2 version of the system listed next year. Of course, this is only the first product of three party cooperation, there will be more in-depth cooperation. Perhaps that time when we see the independent luxury and smart red flag, will not be surprised. By contrast, Intel’s role is more interesting. Not deliberately ignore Neusoft, but as they say — Neusoft has 25 years of development experience in the automotive software company, the whole group of 20 thousand people, 3600 of whom are R & D team – specializing in automotive media — this is like Bondi, Coca-Cola AIDS cola, Neusoft looked like nature itself in the project of intelligent driving the cabin platform ". And gambling 5 hair you never heard of Neusoft, because they are not in the face of ordinary consumers; however, almost every ordinary consumers have heard of Intel, although we also basically did not watch the Intel products, because the chip manufacturers, the semiconductor industry giants in the long period of consumer goods back. At this level, Intel may be more impressive than the general impression of the enterprise in our minds. Few companies will have such a mainstream share and the status of cattle. But now Intel is transforming from the original PC market. Over a long period of time, the Intel camp accept from the PC market. However, in the past five years, the PC market has shrunk…… Than the speed of your abdominal muscles also disappear quickly, how much you don’t want to buy a PC, its sales fell is fierce. Although the results of Intel’s PC department in the past third quarters was produced to inverse growth.相关的主题文章: