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India wind "dazzle most folk style" stunning the audience good voice students meta – former Beijing, Beijing, August 28, "" the greatest hero in the world this week will usher in the finals before the last battle. This time, the legendary Phoenix until finally his innovative interpretation of the Divine Comedy, Liu Meilin India wind "dazzle most folk style", the success of the subversion of the original singing? The former four groups of good voice students will look back on this program, who will become a leader in this round of competition? The face on the stage of the last single songs, who can seize the last chance? Please look forward to this Sunday (August 28th) 20:30 Jiangsu TV "the greatest hero in the world"! Wait for ten weeks was the legendary Phoenix Divine Comedy adaptation of Liu Meilin staged a "big change" "dazzle most folk style" can sing the song of India? "The greatest hero in the world" for broadcast of the nine period, Lee Hom, Mourinho and Harlem Yu three captain of the song has been covered only the players, "the Divine Comedy master" Phoenix Legend works has not been touched, it also let they regret once said: "if you consider my innermost feelings? This stage was not so much divine our first?" This week, they finally got Harlem Yu clan Liu Meilin will be singing Phoenix Legend’s masterpiece "dazzle most folk style". Harlem Yu said, this time, they are to pay tribute to the Divine Comedy: "some of the songs, why is called Divine Comedy? Because it is sacred, but recently I feel the "old gods’ in my ear nagging, ‘why didn’t people sing our song."." In order not to bear the Divine Comedy, this adaptation of Harlem Yu is also a lot of thought. "Want to change this song is not a recent thing, but to do this one, everyone, everyone can sing songs for having heard it many times, is a big problem." After some consideration, Harlem Yu decided to "dazzle most folk style" and "Bollywood songs" with the bride is not me, let the first square dance music to find a new style of India. The singer Liu Meilin also changed India dress, brought a lamp of Aladdin magic show. The light is singing and dancing is not enough, about halfway through, Liu Meilin also staged a "big change" of the story. I saw her in the dancer with into the big box in the middle of the stage, after a rotation goes on, the box door opens again, the singer did not see the shadow. Until the song sounded again, Liu Meilin has come to the captain’s seat, and the original play Phoenix Legend played interactive. In this scene, but also to let everyone terrified: "not in the magic lamp actually hidden fairy?" Hear Liu Meilin singing their own songs, Phoenix Legend very excited: "I think today’s golden melody and the Divine Comedy, in our body is the embodiment of Lin mei." While talking about the story behind the song square dance Divine Comedy, but they are not optimistic about its own initial site broke the news: "when they started receiving this song, I was not willing to sing. Because this song is very catchy, as a singer, I didn’t feel like to challenge myself." Until the company defines the song as a square dance tailored, Phoenix legend was found in a new direction, but also for the special recording of the square dance textbook. "At that time, this action is our own dance, a textbook version," the vast sky!相关的主题文章: