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India announced the prime minister modi asset value of 400 yuan cash in the hands of the original title: India Prime Minister modi announced details of cash assets only 4700 rupees [global network Roundup] according to the "India times" reported on February 1st, India’s prime minister Narendra modi? (Narendra Modi) did not have too much cash. In spite of all his assets has reached 14 million 100 thousand rupees (about 1 million 367 thousand yuan), but most of this is because he bought 13 years ago, the residential real estate appreciation 25 times income. According to the office of the prime minister Modi announced the latest property details, in the last fiscal year end, all cash Modi holds only 4700 rupees (about 455.43 yuan), announced in mid August 18, 2014 when compared to fiscal year 38700 rupees (about 3750.03 yuan) decreased. However, in this period, modi’s movable and immovable property value from the announced in March 31st last year, 12 million 612 thousand and 288 rupees (about 1 million 220 thousand yuan) rose to 14 million 114 thousand and 893 rupees (about 1 million 367 thousand yuan). Modi took office as Prime Minister of India in May 26, 2014. According to the property report, Modi did not have any motor vehicles, planes, yachts or ships. Although modi still has bank accounts in Gujarat, Western India, there is no account in delhi. Although Modi did not have a loan, he owned jewelry, including 4 gold rings weighing about 45 grams and worth about 119 thousand rupees (about 11 thousand and 500 yuan). The value of these rings declined slightly, and the last release was in August 18, 2014, when the value was 121 thousand rupees (about 11 thousand and 700 RMB). Editor in chief: Ni Zijian

印度公布总理莫迪资产 手中现金值4百元人民币   原标题:印度公布总理莫迪资产细节 手中现金仅4700卢比   【环球网综合报道】据《印度时报》2月1日报道,印度总理纳伦德拉?莫迪(Narendra Modi)手中并未存有太多现金。尽管他的全部资产已达到1410万卢比(约人民币136.7万元),但这大部分是由于他13年前购入的住宅地产升值了25倍所得。   据莫迪总理办公室公布的最新财产细节,在上一财年结束时,莫迪手中持有的全部现金仅为4700卢比(约人民币455.43元),相比2014年8月18日中期财年时公布的38700卢比(约人民币3750.03元)有所下降。但是,在这一段时期,莫迪的可动产和不动产的总值已从去年3月31日公布的1261.2288万卢比(约人民币122万元)上升到1411.4893万卢比(约人民币136.7万元)。   莫迪于2014年5月26日就任印度总理。根据财产报告,莫迪没有任何机动车、飞机、游艇或是轮船。虽然莫迪在印度西部的古吉拉特邦仍有银行账户,但在德里却没有账户。   尽管莫迪没有贷款,但他拥有的珠宝,包括4只共重约45克、价值约11.9万卢比(约人民币1.15万元)的金戒指。这些戒指的价值略有下降,上一次公布是在2014年8月18日,当时价值为12.1万卢比(约人民币1.17万)。 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章: