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Incest is satirical curse skidding, Wang Lin heart like ZZ tear "sunspot" does not hesitate to Sohu   entertainment of the network violence; say no! (Maomao photo) recently, the star suffered endless violence network. The first is Ruby Lin by some netizens frequently issued against her "forced" and "bundled hype", and even personal attack spells the skidding. Subsequently, the studio will take legal measures to sound audio-visual.   Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo sweet upgraded from 10 years into a couple of friends, the envy of many people, the couple also progress, from communication, marriage, pregnancy less than half the time. But after marriage, but Ruby Lin frequency netizens attack, the online news speculation, Ruby Lin tied Wallace Huo and Wallace Huo on the grounds of news to forced by pregnancy, triggering an avalanche of hot, and even friends in Ruby Lin and Jimmy Lin’s relationship to release Ruby Lin "water Yang Hua" female slander and personal attacks of speech. For this speech, Ruby Lin studio issued a statement on micro-blog against illegal speech issued legal responsibility, at the same time, Ruby Lin studio also called for the majority of fans and friends together to disperse the network violence, treat women, good life. Wallace Huo when attending an event, but also to comfort his wife Ruby Lin do not care about these network violence, he bluntly: this does not have to deal with them!"   was forced to curse; number of tire slip, Ruby Lin will be accountable to the evaluation of evil. [Wang Lin unbearable netizen indecent message burst foul language at] retarded 30, has exposed the "snow aunt" Wang Linshai and his son’s intimate photo, it was the language of violence that the incest, Wang Lin directly hit the bottom line was angry and scolded: "idiot, silly X!"   Wang Lin in micro-blog users angrily of course, in addition to Wang Lin, the other is network violence. The star is not in the minority. Many stars in the face of network violence, choose to ignore the investigation; there are some stars in intolerable circumstances choose anger choking back sound. [Sheenah Wu Xin issued a denial to suppress: shut up]   denounced the troll; Sheenah was black in the program to suppress Wu Xin shortly before the public, this thesis points out that Sheenah suspected to suppress Wu Xin in "fast". Later, micro-blog released Sheenah lashed out at the spray, there is always a busybody called mischief incited, shut up! Break with Wu Xin and rumors. Sheenah responded to "suppress"   Sheenah sun the five embrace figure   Sheenah wrote: "in the micro-blog arena total someone trying to influence the happy family feelings, feel boring before ignore, still come, say I suppress Wu Xin said speculation for a long time, not a positive response is endless.? I’ll say it again: Although we each have their own life, every time back to the camp like work, but the feeling of home, the stage to host five people, sometimes with guest host a dozen people, do their job, we have to cooperate with the whole program, attention to guest audience, interactive program atmosphere everyone has their own, there is a stall thing, I still have time to stare at Xin Xin to suppress? There are also rumors I tube clothing.相关的主题文章: