Incense and Huan Bi in love Blue Ying Ying just a friend-winavi

"Incense" and "Huan Bi" in love? Blue Ying Ying: just a friend of Jun Cao micro-blog recently have friends broke the screenshots, starred in "young monk destiny" and "Lotus Lantern" in "incense" Jun Cao and "The Legend of Zhen Huan" in the "Huan Bi" blue Ying Ying in love! The evidence is that the two people interact frequently micro-blog, always in time to the other point of praise, but also very similar to the style of micro-blog. And recently, the two were issued a group of their own beauty, a by punctuality (referring to Jun Cao), a by late miss (referring to the Lan Yingying), suspected of fancy dog abuse". Blue Ying Ying screenshot micro-blog love "exposed", people have to eat melon message in micro-blog under the blessing, but others said they could not accept: "in my opinion is not the same age." "Jun Cao was a child in my eyes!" In fact, when played so many "little monk", "little master" Jun Cao, 28 years old this year, while blue Ying Ying did not open their own birth year, but according to projections she graduated from the Central Academy of Drama 08 performances undergraduate classes, about 26 years old, the age of collocation is perfect. However, when the reporter to blue Ying Ying staff confirmation, the other has said: "the things I don’t know where is the online biography, blue Ying Ying and Jun Cao are good friends, once cooperation in a movie."相关的主题文章: