In the movie she is more handsome than the strange doctor, but don’t forget the beauty of Tilda

In the movie she is handsome than doctor strange but don’t forget Tilda beautiful appearance: it is said that you are in the lead "brush" Doctor Strange, volume fushuai drama a new height, had to succumb to his cloak…… But today we are not here to praise him, nor to spoilers, but to talk about the movie is another important role — an ancient mage. (source: red show an ancient mage) honestly, how many people are there in the opening of a mysterious person to be yellow handsome? In fact, in the original, the ancient one is a male role, but the image is not good, handsome and detached. However, Swinton has been invited to the snow queen Tilda – Swinton (Tilda) to play this role, the results of the camera took a lot of strange doctor. But they so long they off screen like this, we really do not have the black curly Fu Long face…… Sincere face. Jpg high cold queen can easily get funny forced the doctor’s only about the queen of high cold. Tilda – (Tilda) Tilda was born in 1960, so this year is 56 years old, can see it? (Swinton) She doesn’t seem to have changed over the years. She was born in a noble family in Scotland, England, graduated from University of Cambridge, has two honorary doctorate, all the way to the top of the environment and education, so the quality is really no words. She put the neutral wind to the extreme interpretation of some people said that she put the neutral wind to the extreme interpretation, in fact, in addition to a handsome personality, you should also know that she ~ "the snow queen" the snow queen was a fairy is called "Snow Queen", mainly because before she played in "Nani legend" in the "white witch" role is impressive. It’s a little hard to see a Tilda with a long curly hair, but it’s too easy for her to take the role of the queen. In fact, the queen can also gentle not only the cold side, put away the edge, can be gentle. A rose color of blush immediately is not "cold". Laugh is particularly appealing smile are also particularly appealing, not so hate the crow’s feet. Classic beauty of any black and white photos are so amazing, there is a kind of beyond the classic beauty of time. Early photos of the goddess and then Po an early picture of the goddess, is not a little difficult to recognize? "Snow country train" but may be beautiful enough, Tilda will also try some "offbeat" style, in addition to an ancient mage, "snow country train" before she’s appearance is quite amazing…… The world’s most suitable for big back head of the world’s most suitable for women with big head back there is a picture of the truth! Tilda most of the time with golden hair, handsome neat, who said all-back only God can handle? Rich black eyeliner her makeup is often only a key, or is full of big lips, or rich black eyeliner. With a large sign of the head, not like mortal. We also would like to ask her hair gloss.相关的主题文章: