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In the fourth to play two rounds of qualifying into the AFC Champions League race, the national football sports Sohu slugged this season in only two suspense has not yet announced, another level places belong to whom, Hong Kong and Shenhua who will get third, at present, Shenhua port 1 points less than the last, Hong Kong. As long as the win, Shenhua will get fourth. This means that most likely to participate in two rounds of Shenhua Group phase AFC Champions League to enter the group phase. Fans can not help but ask, why in recent years in the AFC Champions League in such excellent results, but has yet to get the quota it 3+1. As a matter of fact, it all depends on our country. At present, the number of super AFC Champions League is 2+2, two directly into the group phase, two to play the qualifying. This season, Hengda and Suning has been locked in the two qualifying round, the Hong Kong and Shenhua will participate in the qualification to enter the group phase. At present, the Hong Kong Shenhua behind 1 points, the fourth possibility, this means that Shenhua will play two rounds of qualifying to enter the group phase. In fact, in recent years in AFC Champions League’s performance is quite good, Hengda won the championship in 2013 and 2015, but this season, Luneng and reached the top 8 on the port AFC Champions League, but why, over the AFC Champions League qualification is still 2+2, the reason lies in the China AFC technology is too low, currently ranked fourth in East Asia. Behind South Korea, Japan and australia. Observant fans will find that in recent AFC Champions League results, is inferior to Japan and South Korea and Australia, especially the J League and A-League, super in the performance is even better than they AFC Champions League. Why China’s technology is lower than Japan and Australia? Because the AFC technology algorithm, also take account of the team scores (30%), the original, in the fourth to arch-criminal played two rounds of qualifying to participate in the AFC Champions League race is Chinese football. In contrast the super team in AFC Champions League well, China’s performance in recent years, flattered, in addition to the beginning of last year to the Asian cup 8, the Orangemen in other games of poor performance. In particular, the ongoing 12 strong match, the national foot of the game to get only 1 points, while Japan, South Korea and Australia are ranked in the forefront of their respective groups.相关的主题文章: