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In the exam tomorrow for the country to recruit 27 thousand people in Henan to recruit 806 People Post reporter Tian Washington in October 13th, the Ministry of human resources and social website released the 2017 national civil service exam recruitment rules and job table. Concerned about the central authority and its agencies directly under the civil service exam is about to begin. This year’s exam, Henan province position to recruit the number up to 806 people, including bachelor degree in recruiting major groups, undergraduate degree requirements accounted for nearly 80%. According to the Ministry website news, this offer a total of more than and 120 institutions directly under the central authority and its units and participate in the management of the civil service law, plan Zhaolu of more than 2.7 people. Candidates enrolled mainly to take the form of network registration, registration time is October 15, 2016 8:00 to 24 18:00. Public subject written examination is scheduled to be held in November 27, 2016 in the capital cities of the country, autonomous regions, municipalities and municipalities. After October 14, 2016, candidates can log in central organs and institutions directly under the 2017 annual civil service examination website (2017), the Ministry of human resources portal portal (), the national civil service bureau () recruiting department, recruiting job information query, recruiting policy, recruitment notice and telephone consultation etc.. The country to test the position of Henan · analysis of which 1 units recruit more? The 2017 national civil service exam total recruit 27061 people, the total number of Henan post recruitment for 806 people. Compared to 969 last year to recruit, recruit the number slightly reduced. From the statistics of the number of posts by the Henan Province, Henan Province State Taxation Bureau, the Zhengzhou Railway Public Security Bureau, China Banking Regulatory Commission Henan Bureau, the Yellow River Water Conservancy Committee is still the subject of recruitment. Especially the State Taxation Bureau of Henan Province, a total of 575 passengers in 2017 admitted to the recruiting, interested in the tax system to examinee, means more choice in 2017 the country take the opportunity. 2 degree is the main experts Kang Wenqin Henan Oceanlink civil service examination research center analysis said that in 2017 the national civil service posts in Henan statistics, the number of undergraduate and above has reached 636 people, accounting for 78.9%; the number of graduate and above 58 people, accounting for 7.2%; the number of college and above for 112 people, accounting for 13.9%. "Undergraduate education is still the main recruitment group, accounting for nearly 80%. The graduate and above accounted for only 7.2%, which shows that in the national civil service exam, a high degree of education has no advantage." 3 graduates welcomed the opportunity to recruit this year has obvious inclination of the graduates. From the 2017 national test in Henan province to recruit the number proportion, a total of 806 people in 385 clearly requires only graduates in 2017, accounted for 47.8%; limit within two years of career graduates 137 people, accounting for 17%; limit two years work experience at the grass-roots level has 126 people, accounting for 15.6%. Kang Wenqin suggested, "ask 2017)相关的主题文章: