In the construction material reorganization sequelae of cement business competition to solution huangshexiaoshuo

In the construction material reorganization sequelae of cement business competition still need solution hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you in the construction material group falls sequelae of cement business competition to be solution of Sinoma Group and the construction group of "Big Mac" completion of the restructuring after you resolve competition become legacy. Yesterday, Qilian Mountains (600720), Ningxia building materials (600449) and (000877) respectively, Tianshan shares reply exchange information, said the reorganization of the company will be built in the group’s listed companies, the cement business competition issues materials group had promised, yet to be built in the group’s overall solution. In August 22nd, the restructuring group Sinoma Group and approved by the State Council, after the completion of the transaction, the construction group to become the parent company, Sinoma Group into the free transfer of the construction group, two central enterprises with total assets of over 500 billion yuan is expected to form a new group. Sinoma Group’s Sinoma shares, is a direct controlling shareholder of Qilian Mountains, Ningxia building materials and Tianshan shares. In order to eliminate the cement business within the group of potential competition, September 7, 2010 materials group commitment, in 5 years, the progressive realization of the cement business review, and the cement business integration as a development platform, in order to solve the cement business competition. September 1, 2015, Sinoma Group proposed to postpone the performance of the aforementioned 1 years to resolve the competition to compete with the industry, and was approved by the general meeting. The reorganization is approved, Sinoma Group on 6 September, the company sent a letter, because of the reorganization to Sinoma Group cannot control, had to make a commitment to be the integration of the cement business, after the completion of the reorganization, the reorganization of the construction group implementation scheme. This major changes caused by exchange and two attention, respectively to the Qilian Mountains, Ningxia building materials and Tianshan shares a letter to inquiries, further added that promises to change the basis of full communication and change matters is related to the construction group etc.. Comprehensive reply, the company reaffirmed that reorganization approved by the State Council, the SASAC of the State Council agreed to belong to the strategic reorganization between the deepening of the reform of state-owned enterprises and the central enterprises, and not by the leading materials group or control. According to the restructuring plan, after the completion of the reorganization of the original Sinoma Group of three listed companies on how to solve the problem of competition in the cement business, Sinoma Group can not dominate, it is difficult to make specific arrangements. However, according to Sinoma Group confirmed that the company has been involved in the relevant arrangements for the contents of the group in advance to seek the views of the construction group no objection to this. After the merger of the two major building materials group, its business overlap also led to regulatory concerns, asking whether the cement related business will generate new competition with the listed companies. Three listed companies reply that, considering the characteristics of the cement industry transportation radius restrictions, direct competition between the two groups is very limited. The geographical distribution and materials group and in the construction of the group’s listed and non listed assets of large scale, covering a wide range of. From the production capacity相关的主题文章: