In October 3100 the perfect ending red financing fund Yang Bolin said the main tone of the market ou-sunny came home

In October 3100 the perfect ending red financing fund Yang Bolin said the main tone of the market outlook to change We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: perfect ending October 3100 of the red line financing fund Yang Bolin said the main tone of the market outlook to change in October 31st, time shares sharply; gold stocks strong, boost the popularity of colored plates, debt and PPP poor performance. The Shanghai composite index was down 0.12% at 3100.49 points, in October 3100 of the red line of the perfect ending. Securities Daily reporters noted that the recent A-share market set off a wave of small rebound, the Shanghai Composite Index in October 24th out of the stage of the high point of 3107.03 A. Some agencies believe that the rally has not yet ended, the market is expected to hit 3200 points, but there are also brokers believe that the market is gradually approaching the pressure factor, in November the largest lifting of the ban on a single scale of up to $233 billion 700 million. Market differences still. The new area of new economic financing fund manager Yang Bolin think, remain relatively relaxed state in the monetary policy, growth stocks will be taking over the value of the shares become the main tone of a period of time in the future market. Yang Bolin said, looking back at the market this year, after the January "fuse", some of the value of shares to Kweichow Moutai represented and represented by Sophia Whitehorse growth stocks came out, and hit a record high since the annual stock price, stock price rose to achieve a positive return, from the plate of food. Beverages, household appliances, coal, banking and other sectors, so far this year is a positive return, the rest of the plate are different degrees of decline, the media and the computer plate decreases. This year the market, can be called the traditional value stocks valuation fix "or" return value ", today, the new area of new finance manager fund manager Yang Bolin believes that the value of the return value of shares back to a reasonable interval, the background in the overall economic growth in L and real estate regulation under the assets of the overall earnings growth may be slowing. And after a year of rising stock prices, behind means high mainstream funds and institutions allocation ratio, the value of depression was filled in after the follow-up of these assets may still have room to rise, but it is difficult to become the main tone, perhaps the only innovation can inject new vitality into the market. Judge Yang Bolin, virtual reality (VR) will probably be a disruptive innovation, as well as the content of VR in hardware will probably have a disruptive change; the car in the next ten years will also change greatly, become a big "intelligent terminal", which contains the investment the opportunity is worth paying attention to new energy vehicles; not only by policy support, its performance is also rapid growth, the market is very difficult to find such a high growth industry, which contains structural opportunities. In short, in the direction of Yang Bolin optimistic about growth stocks as represented by the value of the shares will become the main tone of taking over a period of time in the future market, of course, all this is based on the future monetary policy remains relatively loose on.相关的主题文章: