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In more than 20 years of Jiaxing this man actually do not know his wife to live with his real name, 20 stay together morning and night his wife for many years, he has been to conceal the real name. What did the wife do? What was once a man? She told him how many things? A series of questions so that Mr. Zhang slow but god…… Recently, the Jiaxing Xiuzhou court hearing on the divorce dispute cases. In December 1991, Mr. Zhang was introduced and called himself "Wang Lanxiu" the woman met. Fell in love after two years, Mr. Zhang and Wang Lanxiu married in March 6, 1993, April of the same year, the birth of a child. During this period, Mr. Zhang has never seen his wife’s identity, even the marriage registration is sent from the home with his wife for the proof of marital status. After marriage, the two feelings are good, but the wife usually even bank cards are in the name of Mr. zhang. Mr. Zhang also had some wonder, but when asked about it, his wife always find an excuse to refuse, prevarication in the past. In the past 20 years, the couple discuss his wife’s account from his home in Guizhou, moved to Jiaxing. The Spring Festival in 2014, "Wang Lanxiu" back home related formalities, and brought back the two copy. Mr. Zhang a look dumbfounded, 20 slept with his wife for years, was named Wang Kaizhen, and the couple had a big fight. Mr. Zhang has not been clear why the wife conceal their real name. In April of the same year, his wife suddenly ran away and disappear without a trace. Mr. Zhang is in after several fruitless looking, in February 2016 to the Xiuzhou court for divorce. The court accepted the case, because Mr Zhang is unable to provide his wife’s phone, the court will respond to Wang Kaizhen materials mailed to the domicile of Guizhou, after receipt of mail no one to respond, then the court to the notice served on the relevant materials, and the public hearing, but Wang Kaizhen did not appear in court. The court held that the plaintiff and defendant, although the Department of marriage, marriage in common life due to household chores such as conflict, the relationship between husband and wife is mu, more than the plaintiff and the defendant runaways separated for two years, no obligations between couples, that couples that have been broken, the decision to support the plaintiff’s claim of Mr. zhang.

同床共枕二十余载 嘉兴这男子竟不知妻子真名与他朝夕相处、同床共枕了20多年的妻子,竟然一直向他隐瞒了真实姓名。妻子到底做过什么?曾经是怎样一个人?她到底还有多少事情瞒着他?一连串的问题让张先生缓不过神来……近期,嘉兴秀洲法院依法审理了这样一起离婚纠纷案件。在1991年12月,张先生经人介绍与一名自称为“王兰秀”的女子相识。相恋两年后,张先生与“王兰秀”在1993年3月6日登记结婚,同年的4月,生育一子。在这期间,张先生也从未见过妻子的身份证,甚至连结婚登记也是凭借从妻子老家寄过来的婚姻状况证明办理的。婚后,两人感情还不错,不过妻子平常连银行卡都是办在张先生的名下。张先生也曾有些纳闷,但每逢问起此事,妻子总是借故推托,搪塞过去了。一晃20多年过去了,夫妻俩商量把妻子的户口从老家贵州迁到嘉兴。2014年春节,“王兰秀”回老家办理相关手续,并带回了两份证明。张先生一看傻眼了,同床共枕20多年的妻子,原来真名叫王开珍,于是夫妻俩大吵一架。张先生一直没有弄清楚为何妻子隐瞒自己的真实姓名。同年4月,妻子又突然离家出走,不知去向。张先生在多次寻找无果后,于2016年2月向秀洲法院起诉要求离婚。法院在受理该案后,因张先生无法提供妻子的联系电话,法院将应诉材料邮寄至王开珍的户籍地贵州,邮件签收后无人前来应诉,随后法院向其公告送达了相关材料,并进行了公开开庭审理,但是王开珍未到庭。法院审理后认为,原、被告虽系自主婚姻,婚后在共同生活中由于家庭琐事等产生矛盾,致使夫妻关系不合睦,被告离家出走与原告分居两年有余,相互间不履行夫妻义务,可认为夫妻感情确已破裂,判决支持了原告张先生的诉讼请求。相关的主题文章: