In August eighteen Qiantang River tide rujierzhi people cheering someone shot out (Photos)

In August eighteen Qiantang River tide rujierzhi people cheering someone shot out (Photos) in August eighteen Qiantang River tide rujierzhi August tide eighteen Qiantang River rujierzhi "at old Yancang tide outraged, dash is taller than people, too spectacular." The beauty of the dam back tide, the shore of the people stopped the bike ran away." Yesterday was the 18th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, traditional folk Qiantang River tide event, although this day is the first working day after the end of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, but Haining and Hangzhou Qian Tang River tide, the masses are still packed with seawall. Yesterday afternoon, the money newspaper reporter Bingfenlianglu live tide Qiantang River, multiple reporters are rushed to Hangzhou City balcony, etc. and they watch the Jiuxi River tide, watching the crowds – tide line from the foot of rushes, tide air diving out of rare, in Jianshan, new and old warehouse, warehouse etc. the old salt tide the shot, on the dike. Reporters from Zhejiang province Qiantang River management office and Hangzhou city hydrological units learned yesterday (East River salt section eight) "line" the tide of the tidal bore height 2.18 meters. Haining hydrological station owners Wu Longhua said, the typhoon still have influence on qianjiangchao: first, the typhoon brought rain, Hangzhou bay water increased significantly; two, high flow rate, in previous years the tide from the salt to the old Yancang for half an hour, 27 minutes today. This day, the tide comes in a threatening manner, this day, like tide racket. Haining Yanguan: tent eating chicken came at 10 in the morning, Yanguan scenic scenic spot in the park, there are a lot of tourists to seize the coastal pond railing front row seats position – someone from the hawkers bought disposable cloths, laying a four sat on the floor, a group of playing poker. Some simply fill up. Have good support everywhere on the seawall tent, older visitors with folding stool. More than 11 noon, many tourists began eating the chicken, eat instant noodles, occasionally with a telescope to see the river. At 12:45, the tide no shadow, to smell the Chaosheng, ear heard rumbling noise, CCTV helicopter chase tide, tidal force to feel an irresistible force. Money newspaper reporter learned from the deputy director of the peak of the salt administration of tourism resort zone, yesterday, the official reception of 120 thousand tourists scenic scenic area, more than 9600 vehicles vehicles, has created a single day of the official reception of salt scenic spots. The peak also remind the visitors to Haining every day to see a month with the tide, the tide, the lunar month to the sixth day, fifteen to twenty can see tide, followed by the National Day can also come, the 3th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar is a worth looking forward to the spring tide." The sea salt tide observation station: tide fish out of the water at 12 at noon yesterday, in the Zhanqiao Qiantang River sea salt water tidal bore observation station, full tide Qiantang River came to see the crowd, their colors, speaking different languages, are all experts and scholars of various countries to participate in the international seminar are tide surge. At 12:40, in the road, can see the distance has been partly hidden and partly visible when the tide comes, like a white line, Zhejiang Province Water Conservancy and estuarine research"相关的主题文章: