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In addition to blame victims tour pal we should do, what [Abstract] the so-called "beijiuzhe (or supplicant) International Convention for search and rescue fee", is not necessarily exist. The United States has less than 1/5 of the States, passed a number of laws, there are many countries have similar claims, but we do not understand exactly the same. Author: Song Jinbo (Tencent · columnist) Guangzhou girl Ann Ann and the other 3 people on foot lost contact with Kanas lost contact, in October 4th was found in search and rescue personnel have been killed. This is at least a regrettable thing. But in some news on the platform to see the comments and found for the victims of the thread, expressed sympathy and condolences tour pal, the ratio is not high, more voices, ridicule and even discontent. The irony of the reason, is "no Zuo no die", the ability to survive is not enough to take the risk of life "adventure" dissatisfaction grounds, is the local government dispatched a large number of human search and rescue, down, since a large sum of money. Readily pick a representative: always do not understand, are poor pension are not sent out, but also to spend so much manpower and material resources to save the donkey? "Donkey" is not to take the risk to get close to nature to seek stimulation? Return to nature is not a good end result? I think of the Badaling Beijing wildlife park tiger wounding incident, network evaluation, affection and appearance, slightly similar. Interestingly, in this event, including the previous few years many government organizations in distress rescue tour pal incident, local government officials attitude is very positive, restrained, generally is the first thing most, said the money, said "no, according to" is not to be saved (also hand there is a symbol of fine); second, there is no money to be saved; third, may not even tour pal illegal things, but also saved. Rare "politically correct", and with some network voice in stark contrast. These years, similar events every year several, for those "foolish and" the netizen unbearable look tour pal, more and more vivid. If the network voice about the behavior of the government, a lot of distress really will be afraid of tour pal lose the opportunity to be relief. Specifically to say that the child was killed in this matter. First of all, even if only to see the news, also can determine, as an infant and three other colleagues together tour pal with her lack of outdoor experience shows, the lack of survival skills, is more obvious. More unfortunately, just like four outdoor white level tour pal, got together, not even a more experienced "old". I mean, if any one of them or of them, a little more risk awareness, have more outdoor experience a bit, a little bit more fully prepared, they make themselves at great risk probability will be low to very little. But I also feel that in the outdoor experience and skills on the requirements of too many children, it seems a bit harsh. I have not been to Kanas, in the online search of the relevant information. Sure, any child with her this trail tour pal selection, "Jia Dengyu – Hemu – Black Lake – Kanas line, is a fairly mature route, is also a landscape rich line. "Mature",.相关的主题文章: