In 70s the National more unemployed youth to hunger petition moved Zhongnanhai-borderland

In 70s the National more unemployed youth to hunger petition moved Zhongnanhai that year at Zhejiang, Xue Muqiao to see unemployed youth to the provincial government compound petition, employment requirements. At that time, the unemployed have about 20000000, 7 million to the educated youth, unemployed young people to stay in the city 3 million 200 thousand, 21 provinces have youth rallies, even hunger petition, alerted Zhongnanhai.   data figure: This paper from the youth to, author: Wu Yunpu, the original title: China first generation economist: first discovered the planned economy system, from 1955, the Central Propaganda Department Minister Lu Dingyi found Sun Yefang, Xue Muqiao, Yu Guangyuan three people, their requirements for the new socialist Chinese, write a Book of political economics textbook. These three scholars plus Xu, known as the economic community, the name of the four". Who would have thought, Lu Dingyi handed out, it was a hard task to exhaust the lives of three scholars. Three people brought back, set up their own writing team, immersed in. However, amidst the winds of change, in the "Cultural Revolution", the Sun Yefang is hit into "China economics biggest counter revolutionary revisionists", 1968 in Qincheng prison. The 16 year old party, 17 year old studying in Moscow the old Communist Party members in prison, still thinking he would write the "socialist economy theory", over and over again under the banner of love. A total of 21 chapters and 183 sections, the Sun Yefang want a good, but he did not have a pen and paper, lest they forget. Xue Muqiao is the deputy director of the National Bureau of statistics, and the Commission seat was scored in the bullpen, he honestly put "selected" read four times, wrote the "President Mao Zedong" theory of socialist economy. After that, he wanted to write "political economics textbook (Socialist part)", but the more the more the idea of writing. In this regard, Yu Guangyuan also encountered the same difficulties, he led the Chinese Academy of Sciences writing group of philosophy and Social Sciences Department, in accordance with the "capital" of the idea, only spent a month on the finished part of the capitalist political economy, in 1961 by the people’s publishing house. The socialist part, to Yu Guangyuan in the Cultural Revolution was overthrown, has not been written out. This is the history of the 80s. 1978, after the haze dispersed, we have to tell the story before the real start. The Sun Yefang played 85 times in prison in prison, immediately began to work hard, but liver hit, in 1979, he fell ill. The Sun Yefang who is the director of the Institute of Economic Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, many scholars think, want to rescue the Sun Yefang mind, consisting of Wu Jinglian, Zhang Zhuoyuan and other seven people writing group, began to enter the hospital from January 1980. Lying in bed at the Sun Yefang group of seven people responsible for recording. According to the idea of Sun Yefang, seems to be able to write a logic of socialist political economics, but more write more that the traditional theory is not conducive to the development of productive forces. The memory of Wu Jinglian, the Sun Yefang has been aware of the contradiction, he received training in Soviet economics is ingrained, "he was adamant that the proportion of basic economy is the relationship between the coordination of the plan can be used." Sun said, in the period of democratic revolution, he wrote a lot of ideas, can even stand in.相关的主题文章: