I’m sorry, baby, I don’t think I love you antik

Sorry, baby, I think I love you enough – [picture] maternal attention selection of Sohu, to obtain the wisdom of parenting! Method: open WeChat to add a friend to search the number to jxhuiben! Attention to love their children, every parent can unconditionally do. But love is not possession, love is respect, have the temperature, rational love children. Children with a rational mind to make mistakes, with a warm smile to encourage children to correct mistakes. You know from the baby born that day, we are growing together with children. The anonymous looking at your sleeping face, eyes with tears, my heart deeply guilty, sorry baby, I think I love you enough, at least not you love me! When I am in a bad mood, I will lose my temper and even avoid you. When you are in a bad mood, I will stop you from losing my temper and criticizing you, and you will not only hate me but also try to please me. When I am tired, I want to be alone, not to disturb me. And when you are tired, but I still hope you don’t quarrel, their sleep, and you even reluctantly did, just close the eyelash to tell, how much you need my arms; I think I love you enough, at least not you love me! I love you not to shout at backseat driver, then, also called ", and " criticism and education; not only do you dare not to try to hold my backseat driver, back in the eyes of tears, refrain from fear to please me. I think I do not love you, at least not as good as you love me; I always like to use the trick, intimidation means to let you do something, and you still believe in me. I think I do not love you, at least you love me; how many times to say to you: " I ignore you. " and your heart has never left me, not even the sight. How many times have I pushed you away and you still hold my thighs. I think I love you enough, at least not you love me; sometimes, I do not want to eat do not eat, or to change; when you are not to eat, but I must let you eat; although you don’t want to, or a port connected to a swallow; I don’t think I at least not enough to love you, you love me; I’m always busy, not busy doing housework, is busy working, down time, could not help but pick up the mobile phone, but ignores the fact that should embrace you, to tell you a story; but you again and again not to mind taking the trouble, come to me, and even willing to watch yourself cannot read the mobile phone with me, as long as in my arms, you satisfied! Baby, thank you so love me I will learn from you, like you love me that love your child love to read, education is half the success! Today Xiaobian to recommend a WeChat public platform to help children love reading books: the selection of micro signal is jxhuiben (long on copy) promotion of fun dad will give you guidance solution in terms of reading famous parent-child parent-child reading.相关的主题文章: