If the gods are like thousands of stone, please give me a cute! msvbvm60.dll

If the gods are like thousands of stone, please give me a cute! There are a lot of anime characters in the anime, they will be able to sell Meng Meng loaded force, in fact, are too cute. Japanese media have selected the five most popular with university students of the gods, you ready to go on a pilgrimage to the good tribute? Remember not to take what they hate. Which anime do you like best? First place: the mountain beast God ("ghost princess") 6.7% "with the beauty and the terror may demonstrate the human to the God since ancient times the awe." (20 years old) "the feeling of the forest god." (the boy is 23 years old)." (25 year old girl 3) "this is the most powerful Ghibli works of god." (21 year old girl 3) second: Sengoku nadeko ("story" series 5.5% "in short) is very cute." (sister 22 years old) "there is a kind of cute, cute and lovely voice." (boy 24 years old) "lovely and cure." My sister is 19 years old. I like Kana Hanazawa’s voice." (a girl 19 years old) Third: Phoenix ("spirited away") 4.5% "shape is very lovely." (a 18 year old woman) "noisy rushed to the shower very lovely pictures." (sister 19 years old, junior college) warm and lovely." (sister 22 years old) is not like the gods, super cute." (girl 22 years old 4) third (TIE): Tsuchinatsu Hiko eight ("yozakura Quartet") 4.5% "is very handsome. It is a very interesting." (24 year old male graduate student) "is a lovely god." (sister 18 years old) "cool but cute." (the boy is 20 years old) "she impressed me most." (girl 21 years old 4) third (TIE): praves ("vitality girl edge knot 4.5%" God ") praves cool and gentle, but also is a cute fox." (sister 21 years old) other: "the spirit of the treasure can be a dream," the holy spirit beast, no one is more lovely than it (sister, age of 18 years old) "king of the sea," the God of the road. He used the power of God as to intimidate others." (male 25 years old 3) "" Pye "God night fighting, usually is a funny role, once seriously is very handsome, voiced by Shinya Hiroshi." (girl 21 years old 4) "" Sango biography "Jesus and the Buddha, they leisurely and cure." (sister 22 years old) Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime works.相关的主题文章: