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ICBC Beijing branch: 2016-2-16 international financial market, on a daily news 1, the European Central Bank President Delagi said on Monday that the bank to further relax the policy in March, highlighting the risk of financial market volatility, slowing global growth and low prices. Delagi told the European Parliament that the European Central Bank will examine the risks posed by the slowdown in emerging markets and consider whether oil prices fall and whether market volatility prevents it from boosting inflation. 2, Reuters told Reuters that the two largest oil exporters, Saudi Arabia and Russia, will hold talks on Tuesday. Oil producing countries try to solve the problem of oversupply. Saudi oil minister Onami and Russian energy minister Novak will meet in the Qatari capital Doha, and the ministers of the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Qatar and Venezuela will also participate. 3. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Monday that the global economy, especially the stock market in various countries, has fallen sharply, which has brought great challenges and new uncertainties to the Chinese economy. Li Keqiang stressed that while maintaining the stability of the employment situation, we must be vigilant and maintain the stability of the financial market. 4, a number of government sources pointed out that the Japanese government is ready to ask other G7 partners to expand cooperation to ease the market unease, but it is difficult to be able to significantly restore the confidence of the global market countermeasures. Next week’s group of 20 (G20) finance ministers meeting will be held in Shanghai China, more market speculation, the world’s major economies, especially the G7 countries, may put forward a cooperation policy response, global market turmoil and the slowdown in economic growth situation. This may include intervention in the exchange rate. Although G7 officials may agree to issue a joint statement warning of excessive volatility in the market, Japanese government sources said it would be difficult for the G7 to reach consensus on a more concrete response to market confidence by responding to global joint response. 5, the German central bank cut inflation expectations in 2016 to 0.25%, the previous estimate of 1.1%. This suggests that inflation in the euro area has generally slowed down, increasing the pressure on the ECB to loosen its policy further. Two, the market of international foreign exchange market currency for     the   disc; high   low   set the day before closing up   1.1261 1.1261 1.1128 1.1156 1.1256 euros or yen 113.15 114.73 113.08 114.6 -0.93% 113.25 1.28% 1.4501 1.4567 1.4414 1.4435 1.4503 pounds -0.46% 0.9764 0.9889 0.9754 0.9871 0.9771 Swiss Franc $1.10% 0.7109 0.7172 0.7099 0.7139 0.7112 0.42% 1.3852 1.38671 on the Canadian dollar 工行北京市分行:2016-2-16国际金融市场日报   一、上日要闻   1、欧洲央行总裁德拉吉周一称,该行准备在3月进一步放松政策,凸显金融市场波动、全球增长放缓和低油价带来的风险。德拉吉在欧洲议会称,欧洲央行将检视新兴市场经济增长放缓带来的风险,并考虑油价下挫及市场波动是否妨碍其推升通胀的效果。   2、消息人士对路透表示,两大石油出口国–沙特和俄罗斯周二将举行会谈。产油国尝试解决供应过剩问题。沙特石油部长欧那密及俄罗斯能源部长诺瓦克将在卡塔尔首都多哈会面,届时石油输出国组织(OPEC)成员国卡塔尔和委内瑞拉的部长也将参与。   3、中国总理李克强周一表示,全球经济、特别是各国股市急剧下跌,给中国经济带来很大的挑战和新的不确定因素。李克强强调,在保持就业形势稳定的同时,必须要高度警觉,维护金融市场的稳定。   4、多位政府消息人士指出,日本政府准备要求其他七国集团(G7)伙伴扩大合作以缓解市场不安,但可能很难得出能够明显恢复全球市场信心的对策。下周20国集团(G20)财经首长将在中国上海举行会议,市场益发臆测,全球主要经济体,特别是G7国家,可能会提出一项协力政策回应,应对全球市场动荡及经济成长放缓局面。这有可能包括干预汇率。尽管G7官员可能同意发表联合声明,对市场过度剧烈震荡提出警告,但日本政府消息人士表示,若是要以全球联合回应,提出稳定市场信心的更具体措施,G7可能很难达成共识。   5、德国央行调降2016年通胀预期至0.25%,此前预估为1.1%。这显示出欧元区通胀普遍放缓,加剧欧洲央行进一步放松政策的压力。   二、市场行情   国际外汇市场行情 币  种 开  盘 最  高 最  低 收  盘 前日收盘 涨  跌 欧元 1.1261 1.1261 1.1128 1.1156 1.1256 -0.93% 日元 113.15 114.73 113.08 114.6 113.25 1.28% 英镑 1.4501 1.4567 1.4414 1.4435 1.4503 -0.46% 瑞士法郎 0.9764 0.9889 0.9754 0.9871 0.9771 1.10% 澳元 0.7109 0.7172 0.7099 0.7139 0.7112 0.42% 加元 1.3852 1.3867 1.3798 1.3834 1.385 -0.13% 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: