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I think this low-key attractions, Guilin Scenery and Yunnan – Shilin tourism Sohu fit if not just go to Hezhou, did not know there is such a jade forest scenic spot. This piece of stone, hiding in the mountains, there are already hundreds of millions of years. From afar, surrounded by undulating hills, which is the southern Karst landform, of course, there is a more familiar name – Guilin Scenery. Yushilin, from Guangxi Hezhou 18 kilometers, thousands of years of weathering and erosion, the stone forest appearance changing, some columns change into a variety of animal image, you need to use your imagination to the time. Just to the jade forest, the sky still Piaosa a silky drizzle, suddenly the rain stopped, the fog did not stop, continue to spread in the valley. As the first China longevity City, the natural environment of Hezhou is undoubtedly an excellent, mountain, tree, to take a walk in the country, everywhere is the comfort of green, water vapor to form fog lingering in the mountains high. The rest of the stone forest, mostly black, only the Hezhou jade forest is black and white. Scientists explained that the Hezhou stone forest has the rock composition out of the ordinary, the other stone are grey rock, but the rock composition of Hezhou stone forest is white coarse marble pillars, mostly due to epiphytic bryophytes in the dry surface weathering infected into black, the black and white ash stone lining. The stone forest was formed in one hundred million years before the Cambrian period, the stone forest is the mother of Hunan and Guangdong across the Guposhan, Clint stalagmite, clean like snow, the pinnacle of stone, jade faithful. In the beautiful scenery place built several viewing platform, just which direction to look, is a chain of mountains, clouds drift, like a fairyland. Most of the stone forest only far view and not close, this piece of jade forest of 25 hectares, the area is not too big, but oddly shaped, memorable. Have been to Mount Huangshan before, in Mount Huangshan, many of the top of the hill growing pine, strange. In Hezhou ‘s jade forest, the rocky peaks also grow trees. When the clouds drifting across the viewing platform at the moment, like standing in the clouds, but here is not high above sea level. If you have the courage to challenge the first day, along a narrow and steep steps up to the top of the mountain, where the scenery is more beautiful. Jade forest and the stone forest in Yunnan there is a bit similar, many small scale, the surrounding environment more beautiful. Scenic area retains the original ecological beauty, there is not much development, such an area of less and less. The road was steep and narrow, with barely a single person passing through, a challenge to physical strength. Walk, the sky suddenly turned into a line, and the end of the day at the foot of the stone staircase with stone staircase into a ladder. Go to the top, click into place side is lush forests, mountains, where rain forest is the most beautiful. This is a place where you can take a deep breath相关的主题文章: