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I put down my face, because there are more people want to protect the public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Source: the book has become a powerful man, not because the guardian of self-esteem, but the time to put aside self-esteem. The guardian of the 1 of my mother’s gentle and shy, not love lively, home often get married ah, ah like the full moon wine banquet, she is not in love, my dad is usually a person to go, she casually eat at home. There is only one exception, that is, when I do not want to go. From small to large, I don’t want to go to the banquet, although the parents out of money, but because there are people I don’t know, always feel licked around a table and a stranger face only to wine and dine a little feel shy. When I was young, poultry and fish meat home only in the new year, so my mother think outside the banquet is certainly better than their own to do a delicious meal, she knows that I’m a person certainly will not go, so every time with me, sitting beside me, lest I embarrassed. If I did not go, she hurried past finished, then take two Steamed Buns clip a la carte, with a handkerchief home for me to eat. Every time I take it home, it’s still hot. My teenage self-esteem is more sensitive, imagine her in front of so many people have to pack their fill away look, feel embarrassed, so many times to tell her that such behavior is ugly, I just cook something to eat does not matter, but she never listen. At that time, I think my mother can be so humiliated. Later, slowly understand, a lot of times, mother put aside their self-esteem, just to protect my self-esteem. The moment when you let go of your self-esteem and your love for the one you love is the most powerful moment. The most powerful moment of 2 "please answer 1988", double female high dexten ready to participate in field trips and talent show, wanted to win prizes Mini walkman. But the two bestie before performing with her play the injured not participating, so she went to grow up with good friends from high school, double sunwoo and positive Hwan, three boys very hesitant to start NiuNiuNieNie, think the boys to girls’ high school performance is not too well, but finally they came for complete performance to win the championship and noriyoshi. The three ugly boys on stage and sing and dance like charm. A good friend is like this, when she needs to come forward, even if it is necessary to lay down their self-esteem. I was bullied also afraid of youth, but the good friend bullied when courage to beat the other meal; never with a red face girl, in order to help a friend for more benefits to quarrel with others run theory. The time to overcome your fears and stand up for your friends. Overcome my fear 3: I am a shy person and I don’t like to socialize. I think this is a great disadvantage, while her boyfriend is a result of the deepened my inferiority. I’m not in the store to buy clothes when you bargain, he said, a woman will not even bargain, don’t expect later by me the great man for you).相关的主题文章: