Huzhou eastern new city to accelerate the construction of the city sub center embryonic

Huzhou eastern new city to accelerate the construction of the city "sub center" embryonic form "Wanda IMAX studio building site has been basically completed, and other equipment access."……" Recently, in the WeChat circle of friends, a message about the construction progress of Huzhou Wanda Plaza was forwarded several times. It is understood that this new business in the eastern city of Wuxing "Big Mac" will be officially opened in December 29th this year. Strong gravity continues to emerge from this hot spot. Last year, sales of commercial residential buildings in the eastern city of Wuxing grew by over 300% over the same period last year. The eastern new town has the most mature platform, the most accessible traffic, the most ecological environment, the best service, the most appropriate industry space, this’ five most business card ‘increasingly shiny." Wuxing District East New City Management Committee responsible person said. In recent years, in accordance with the requirements of building the central city sub center, Wuxing District strongly promote the construction of the eastern new city. Xishan Yang wedding theme park, wetland park, leisure park and pan Ji Xun Memorial Park and other projects have been opened, qianshanyang culture exchange center will open soon, ring road, Yang water dredging, Xishan Yang bridge, electric power facilities, rain sewage pipeline infrastructure project fully completed, accelerate the construction of silk and silk romantic art garden art Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Park, town village, living room, creative culture and creative industrial park projects, Yang Xishan Scenic Area has selected the National City Wetland Park and the province’s first feature of the town. High quality education, medical and cultural resources continue to gather. Lake elementary school campus, Huzhou fourth Xishan Xishan Yang Yang campus hospital, Department of orthopedics, bonger Maple Leaf International School, Wuxing experimental school, Huzhou experimental kindergarten, kindergarten, first Huzhou District Sports Center, houses the rescue command center and South Taihu science and Technology Park and other projects have been completed. In addition, Xishan community, three homes, Dai Shan community, West Lake Yang community put into use; Binhu Avenue, Chang Xi North Road, climbing bridge and other municipal projects completed, Huzhou multimedia Industrial Park, EBD headquarters free port, logistics industry park and other industrial molding…… The eastern new town "five most business card" and brand value gradually rooted in the hearts of the people, here gradually become the most potential value of the lake city heights. It is understood that this year will focus on the eastern town of silk town, business development, public facilities and infrastructure in four categories of 20 billion 900 million yuan investment to accelerate the construction of a total of 46 projects, including 27 new projects to ensure the opening of new, opened 10 projects opened, completion of 16 projects, 19 projects to speed up construction.

湖州东部新城加快建设 城市“副中心”初见雏形“万达IMAX影城场地搭建已基本完毕,就等设备入场了……”最近,在微信朋友圈中,一则有关湖州万达广场施工进度的消息被多次转发。据了解,这个位于吴兴东部新城的商业“巨无霸”将于今年12月29日正式对外营业。强劲引力不断从这片热土生成,去年,吴兴东部新城商品住宅销售量同比增长超300%。“东部新城有最成熟的平台、最通达的交通、最生态的环境、最优质的服务、最宜业的空间,这一‘五最名片’愈发闪亮。”吴兴区东部新城管委会相关负责人说。近年来,按照打造中心城市副中心的要求,吴兴区强力推进东部新城建设。西山漾婚庆主题公园、湿地公园、市民休闲公园和潘季驯纪念园等项目相继开园,钱山漾文化交流中心即将开放,环漾公路、水体清淤、西山漾大桥、电力设施、雨污水管网基础设施项目全面完工,浪漫丝艺园、丝织技艺非遗博览园、小镇客厅、创意文化村、创意产业园等项目加快建设,西山漾景区先后入选国家城市湿地公园和全省首批特色小镇。优质的教育医疗文化资源不断集聚。湖师附小西山漾校区、湖州四中西山漾校区、邦尔骨科医院、枫叶国际学校、吴兴实验中学、湖州实验幼儿园、湖州第一幼儿园、区文体中心、民房救援指挥中心及南太湖科技园等项目相继落成。此外,西山社区、三合家园、戴山社区、西湖漾社区等投入使用;滨湖大道、常溪北路、升山大桥等市政工程全面完工,湖州多媒体产业园、EBD总部自由港、物流产业园等的产业成型……东部新城“五最名片”和品牌价值逐渐深入人心,这里逐渐成为湖城最具潜力的价值高地。据了解,今年,东部新城将围绕丝绸小镇、商业开发、公建配套和基础设施四大类209亿元投资共46个项目加快建设,其中确保27个项目新开新建,10个项目开业开盘,16个项目竣工完工,19个项目加快续建。相关的主题文章: