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Hungary will oppose sharing refugees to hold a referendum on the EU quota system – Sohu news information: Hungarian prime minister orban. In February 25,   according to foreign media reports, the Hungarian prime minister Orban announced that 24 will hold a referendum to decide whether to accept the EU mandatory allocation quotas of refugees. Mr Orban has not announced the date of the referendum, but he pointed out that the quota system will redraw European racial, cultural and religious map, should decide whether to accept by the people. The European Union has expanded its debate over the influx of refugees. The Hungarian authorities’ move is seen as a major blow to German Chancellor Merkel’s quest for a unified EU response to the refugee crisis. Austria ignored the opposition from Greece and the United Nations to further strengthen border control and prevent the influx of refugees. Ollie was dissatisfied with Greece’s position and refused to invite Greece to Vienna to attend the Balkan national conference to deal with the tide of refugees. Greece put forward diplomatic protest, which means that Austria will lead to small-scale humanitarian crisis. Greece threatened to block any refugee policy decisions at the EU summit next month if other members refused to fulfill their obligations. At the same time, Germany began to reduce the refugees, 125 refugees by the Afghan capital flight back to Kabul. The Minister of internal affairs of the European Union voted in September 22, 2015 to transfer plans for the transfer of 120 thousand foreign refugees in Italy, Greece and other countries. The plan was challenged by some EU members, and vetoed by Czech, Slovakia, Romania and hungary. In November last year, the Hungarian Parliament passed a resolution that the European Commission set up a quota system for refugees without proper legal basis. Subsequently, Hungary submitted a lawsuit against the European Court of justice in Luxemburg, against the EU’s allocation of refugees in accordance with mandatory quotas. 反对分摊难民 匈牙利将就欧盟配额制举行公投-搜狐新闻 资料图:匈牙利总理欧尔班。   中新网2月25日电  据外媒报道,匈牙利总理欧尔班24日宣布将会举行公投,决定是否接受欧盟强制分摊难民的配额制。  欧尔班未有公布公投的日期,但他指出,配额制将重绘欧洲的种族、文化及宗教地图,应该由民众决定是否接纳。  欧盟在处理大量难民涌入的问题上,分歧扩大。匈牙利当局的举动被视为对德国总理默克尔,寻求欧盟统一应对难民危机的一大打击。  奥地利不理会希腊及联合国的反对,进一步加强边境管制,阻止难民涌入。奥利地不满希腊的立场,拒绝邀请希腊到维也纳,出席巴尔干国家会议,商讨应对难民潮。  希腊提出外交抗议,指奥地利此举将导致小规模人道危机。希腊扬言,如果其他成员国拒绝履行义务,会在下月欧盟峰会上,阻止任何难民政策决定。  同时,德国开始减少接收难民,将125名难民经飞机送回阿富汗首都喀布尔。  欧盟成员国内政部长2015年9月22日投票通过了转移安置意大利、希腊等国境内12万外来难民的方案。这一方案遭到部分欧盟成员国质疑,捷克、斯洛伐克、罗马尼亚和匈牙利予以否决。  去年11月,匈牙利国会通过决议案,认为欧盟委员会设立难民配额制没有适当的法律依据。随后,匈牙利向位于卢森堡的欧洲法院递交诉讼状,反对欧盟按照强制配额分摊难民。相关的主题文章: