Hunan has investigated and dealt with a number of fraudulent cases of impersonating the national

Hunan investigated more than the national security staff posing as fraud Changsha evening news (reporter Zhu Yanhuang) in recent years, the sale of counterfeit, certificates, the state security organ identity occurred many times in our province, illegal and criminal activities work personnel and the state security organ ", a serious violation of the legitimate interests of the masses, damage the image and reputation of the state security organs. From November 2015 to May 2016, the provincial public security organs jointly organized a special action to clean up and renovate "counterfeiting" activities in the whole province, and investigated a number of counterfeiting cases in accordance with the law. Kang energe, male, Changsha people in Hunan, is the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of national security. In March 2016, Kang vigorously under the banner of "Deputy Minister of the Ministry of state security" banner, claimed to be able to help others and solve the problem of "hard", to the collection of works, "" project contract "" shovel thing "name, has defrauded Tangmou couple 6 million 750 thousand yuan. Yan Siyou, man, Linli from Hunan, is called "director of the National Security Bureau of Changde". From March 2015 to March 2016, Yan four posing as director of the Changde Municipal Bureau of state security, through the WeChat met a woman, and the woman’s favor and trust, the two have maintained improper sexual relations. During intercourse, Yan four in the name of all kinds of defrauding the woman RMB 80 yuan. Wang Yanhui, a woman, a person from Xiangtan, Hunan. Since March 2015, Wang Yanhui, together with his husband, Tan (a fugitive) and Guo Jie, has forged many times to forge and sell the state security organs’ people’s police certificates and reconnaissance certificates, and illegally obtain money. Jin Xianglin, male, Xiuning people in Anhui, called themselves "Deputy ministerial retired cadres of the Ministry of national security". In October 2015, Jin Xianglin counterfeited the "Deputy Minister of national security", and participated in the cooperation and soliciting project of a company in our province. After that, it was timely recognized and failed to succeed. The national security organs of the province jointly organized the public security organs. After obtaining the conclusive and sufficient evidence, they examined the four people, such as Kangli, Yan Siyou, Wang Yanhui and Jin Xianglin, respectively. At present, three people of Kang energe, Yan Siyou and Wang Yanhui have been approved by the procuratorial organs in accordance with the law, and the case is being further tried. Jin Xianglin was taught and admonished. The anti Espionage Act of People’s Republic of China, which was launched in November 1, 2014, stipulates that the staff of the state security organs shall have priority in law enforcement, special places, and exemption from inspection. Some criminals by the people’s police, the sale of counterfeit cards, the state security organs reconnaissance certificate, vehicle special pass and uniform logo, or fake functionary of a state security organ and other means of fraud, illegal profit, serious violations of the interests of others, disrupt social order, harm social stability, damage the image and reputation of the state security organs, adverse effects. Hunan Province, the state security organs to remind the public: "People’s Republic of China anti spyware law" is a new China established to strengthen and standardize the anti espionage struggle of the first law, but also the timely discovery, a sharp weapon of espionage and various illegal and criminal activities endangering State security, the implementation of anti spyware law and safeguarding national security is the common responsibility of all citizens and the organization and the duties, hope the whole society to understand, support and actively cooperate with the state security organs to carry out anti espionage work, on the staff of the state security organ "fake behavior to maintain high vigilance, strengthen self-protection consciousness and recognition, such as suspicious circumstances or clues, please promptly report to the local public security organ, the state security organ in order to safeguard the national security, earnestly fulfill their duties. Hunan provincial state security organs report telephone: 12339, Hunan province public security organs report telephone: 110.

湖南查处多起冒充国安人员诈骗案   长沙晚报讯(记者 朱炎皇)近年来,我省多次发生伪造、买卖国家安全机关工作证件、标识,假冒国家安全机关工作人员招摇撞骗的违法犯罪活动,严重侵害了群众的合法利益,损害了国家安全机关的形象和声誉。2015年11月至2016年5月,我省国家安全机关联合公安机关,在全省范围内组织开展了清理整治“假冒”活动专项行动,依法查处了一批“假冒”案件。   康大力,男,湖南长沙人,对外自称是国家安全部副部长。2016年3月,康大力打着“国家安全部副部长”的旗号,自诩能帮助别人“了难”和解决问题,以“代收工程款”“承揽项目中标”“铲事”等名义,先后骗取汤某夫妇人民币675万元。   颜四友,男,湖南临澧人,对外自称是“常德市国家安全局局长”。2015年3月至2016年3月,颜四友冒充“常德市国家安全局局长”,通过微信结识了某女子,并取得该女子的信任和好感,二人一直保持不正当两性关系。交往期间,颜四友以各种名义骗取该女人民币80余万元。   汪艳辉,女,湖南湘潭人。自2015年3月起,汪艳辉伙同其夫谭某(在逃)、“郭姐”等人,多次伪造、买卖国家安全机关人民警察证、侦察证,非法获取钱财。   金祥麟,男,安徽休宁人,对外自称是“国家安全部副部级退休干部”。2015年10月,金祥麟假冒“国家安全部副部长”,参与我省某公司合作招徕项目,后被及时识破,未能得逞。   我省国家安全机关联合公安机关,在获取确凿、充分的证据后,依法分别对康大力、颜四友、汪艳辉、金祥麟等四人进行了审查,四人对其所从事的违法、犯罪行为均供认不讳。目前康大力、颜四友、汪艳辉三人已被检察机关依法批准逮捕,案件正在进一步审理中。金祥麟被予以教育训诫。   2014年11月1日开始实施的《中华人民共和国反间谍法》规定,国家安全机关工作人员在执行任务中依法享有优先通行、进入特殊场所、提请免检等特殊职权。一些不法分子通过伪造、买卖国家安全机关人民警察证、侦察证、车辆特别通行证和警服标识,或假冒国家安全机关工作人员等手段进行招摇撞骗,非法牟利,严重侵害他人利益,扰乱社会秩序,危害社会稳定,损害国家安全机关的形象和声誉,影响恶劣。   湖南省国家安全机关提醒社会公众:《中华人民共和国反间谍法》是新中国成立后加强和规范反间谍斗争的第一部法律,也是及时发现、惩治间谍和各种危害国家安全违法犯罪活动的锐利武器,贯彻实施反间谍法、维护国家安全是全体公民和组织的共同责任和应尽义务,希望全社会理解、支持、积极配合国家安全机关开展反间谍工作,对假冒国家安全机关工作人员招摇撞骗的行为保持高度警惕,增强自我防范和识别意识,如遇可疑情况或线索,请及时向当地国家安全机关、公安机关举报,切实为维护国家安全履行自己应尽的职责。   湖南省国家安全机关举报电话:12339,湖南省公安机关举报电话:110。相关的主题文章: