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Hulk scored two of the national security 2-2 port was four over the figure on the Sohu in sports highlights – ray dragon break Hulk scored two on the Hong Kong 2-2 Hong Kong 2-2 Guoan Guoan Hulk scored two of the Beijing time 19:35 on September 9th, 2016 in the twenty-fourth round, the Hong Kong Shanghai 2-2 draw with Beijing Guoan home court. Fifty-first minutes to break the deadlock on port Hulk sixty-seventh minutes, eighty-first minutes to help Yilmaz Guoan equalized, Lei Tenglong reversed, eighty-eighth minutes scored two to tie the hulk. Shanghai on the 5 consecutive unbeaten port, the country suffered the worst round of the 4 round. The port with 10 wins 8 flat 5 negative 38 points, ranked fourth in the league, the team’s goal is to obtain the qualification for next season AFC Champions League. But on Hong Kong and a more important task to team in next week’s AFC Champions League 14 finals, away against Jeonbuk Hyundai, so the team may be reserved for AFC Champions League. Nearly 4 games, on the Hong Kong double line to win 3 wins and 1 unbeaten. National security to 7 wins and 7 draws a total of 7 points, a total of 28 points, ranked in the last place, the team has been the last round of the is extremely difficult and suffered a loss of 2, the team is also looking forward to overcome the port on the road to the morale of the reorganization of the ninth. Third minutes on the Hong Kong won the corner kick, kick the ball into the box, followed by the destruction of Guoan defensive player. Yilmaz fifth minutes to get a quick return of the ball, Wang Chao will defuse the threat. Ninth minutes the ball will be delivered to Yilmaz Zhang Xizhe, then Zhang Xizhe is passed in by the defender destroy. Tenth minutes Sergeyev conveying the threat passes, Yu Dabao got the ball inside the defensive player, then hit the door, the ball slightly missed. Fifteenth minutes Wu Lei transport threat Zhise, Aifulade ball shot by Li Lei block. Seventeenth minutes, Guoan right passes the ball back to create a threat to Yilmaz, Sergeyev got the ball volley, but was hit too by goalkeeper get. Twenty-second minutes Cai Huikang transport threat Zhise, but aierkesen failed to get the ball, directly lead to lose. Twenty-fourth minutes on the delivery of the threat of transmission, Wu Lei hit the door was blocked goalkeeper. Twenty-seventh minutes, Guoan transport in ball threat, Yilmaz header ferry, Yan Junling directly to get the ball. Thirtieth minutes, Guoan Games kick, Zhang Xizhe will kick the ball into the box, Sergeyev started early offside. Thirty-sixth minutes on the left port transportation threat pass, Thunder Dragon struggling to defuse the threat. Fortieth minutes Jin Zhourong threatened a long pass, Yang Zhi struggled to get the ball. Forty-second minutes on the Hong Kong Games kick, Hulk will kick ball into the box, but no one around. The two sides failed to break the first half, temporarily labeled 0-0. Forty-eighth minutes, Guoan Games kick, Zhang Xizhe will kick the ball into the box, his header rub Crimee Mainz tongshe break. But because Kerry Metz offside goal was disallowed. Fifty-first minutes Hulk area before the ball, a clever disc defensive player, with Ralph guarding outside the area directly shot burst, the ball went into the goal to break the deadlock on port security, 1-0 lead. Fifty-sixth minutes, Hulk transfer pass, Aifulade ball shot, Yang Zhi had threatened to destroy. Sixth)相关的主题文章: