Hubei 25 rich list 2016 Yan Zhi beyond Liu Baolin on Hurun’

Hubei 25 rich list 2016 Hurun Yan exceed Liu Baolin Deng’s yesterday, Hurun Research Institute released the "2016 Hurun Report", Hubei has 25 billionaires on the list, 4 more than last year, the 43 year old Yan Zhi in 30 billion 500 million yuan of wealth beyond Liu Baolin, ascended the throne of Hubei’s richest man, who was fiftieth in the country the ranking, 126% of the wealth growth also let him among the top 45 ranks of the rich wealth doubled. As of the date of the Hurun rich list of listed companies wealth calculation for August 15th, consistent with last year. The past year wealth growth slowed down, this year there are 2056 entrepreneurs wealth reached 2 billion yuan and above, 179 more than last year, the lowest rate in 3 years, the average wealth of entrepreneurs decreased from 7 billion 300 million to 7 billion 200 million, but the total wealth is still rose 7% to 14 trillion and 800 billion, and the GDP rose more or less. 62 year old Wang Jianlin and his family to become the richest man in China’s wealth for the third time in 215 billion consecutive. 52 year old ma and his family wealth grew by 41% to 205 billion, to maintain the value of second. 45 year old Ma Huateng although has donated a total of $13 billion, but wealth is still up by 38% to 165 billion, up from 1 to third. Zall group Yan Chi, Kyushu Liu Baolin, Huang Li High German electrical Hubei occupy the top three list. Liu Baolin worth 12 billion last year, down 17%, ranked 241st in the country, down 64. Huang family wealth also shrunk 32% to the 11 billion 500 million row in the country’s 262. 2016 Hurun rich Hubei ranked in the top 10 rankings change name of wealth (100 million yuan) rose 50 = 156 Yan Chi 305126% 241 64 120 -17% Liu Baolin Thatcher: Jointown 262: 129 Huang Li family 115 -32% High German electric 473 down 22 Meng Qingnan family 75 -1% Wuhan where 473 = 14 = 473 757% beam Liangsheng Sibao 38 Wu Shaoxun 7512% Liu Guoben 70 -30% 211 516 Jin: Camel shares 548 = 188 6731% Cai Hongzhu 548 Zhang Meihua Daohuaxiang new 67 new Tongjitang 626 AI = 662 60100% Wuhan Luming contemporary science and technology相关的主题文章: