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HUAWEI released a flagship light intended to snatch a wet weather OPPO, hot September VIVO share in the south, the mobile phone market is Rainbow Night: Beijing brand on behalf of millet, Lenovo, setbacks, great advance into the autumn trend; on behalf of the Shenzhen brand HUAWEI, OPPO like the weather in the south is the same: no winter. Now, between HUAWEI and OPPO, vivo wrestling also gradually upgrade, for the domestic high-end market share. September 1st, HUAWEI will be released in the German IFA exhibition light flagship Nova". According to industry analysis, the positioning of the new brand is a female mobile phone, the body may be all metal material, or metal and glass material, and the information disclosed in the poster can be seen taking pictures will be one of the selling points of the new machine. Our light flagship is from 2000 yuan stalls and friends of the competition, but the price is higher than them, and they participate in the market share, which is one of our strategies." In July this year to disclose semi annual report on the occasion, HUAWEI terminal business CEO Yu Chengdong has released the wind. It is clear that HUAWEI is in the high-end business machines, is trying to be similar to OPPO, vivo, prices and configurations are located in the middle of the fashion brand. Guangzhou Haizhuqu District complement the mid-range price store, a sales staff told reporters sighed, "before the store counter is the best display of Samsung products, last year was replaced by HUAWEI, became OPPO, vivo this year, mobile phone market transform too fast." Since 2015, HUAWEI established a strong rise, 2016 OPPO, vivo A new force suddenly rises. According to the latest data released by IDC, the second quarter HUAWEI market share of 17.2%, ranked first in the country, OPPO and vivo were followed by a share of 16.2% and 13.2%. In the domestic market, Yu Chengdong’s plan is in the next period of time, the market share of more than 30%. The positioning of 2000-3000 yuan Nova, but also fancy OPPO, vivo audience space. HUAWEI in the high-end mobile phone breakthrough obvious to people according to GFK and other research institutions, the data show that the first quarter of this year of $500-600 (about RMB 3672.25-4406.70 yuan) price of HUAWEI’s global mobile phone market share of 25.7%, over the same period last year accounted for 15%; $300-400 (about RMB 2003.16-2670.88 yuan) accounted for 16.3%. However, the market is still China mobile phone shipments mainly to the low-end, "our market share is expected to exceed 30%, 40%, only high-end products is not enough, because the high-end market share is less than 30%, so the need for a combination of. In the low-end will do a supplement, the two brands will complement each other." Yu Chengdong explained earlier in an interview with reporters. Research Manager Kim di IDC Chinese told reporters in the "twenty-first Century economic report, 3000-4000 yuan price, HUAWEI has a great advantage in the domestic market, the price of 2000-3000 yuan, OPPO, HUAWEI, vivo three shares." In order to make up 2000 yuan price segment, Nov!相关的主题文章: