Huang Lei had a lot of variable Mermaid sisters feelings deep international

Huang Lei had a lot of variable Mermaid sisters feelings deep international school in the "where" father to show, a lot of people sensible and high value of Yan gave us a deep impression. A few years later, not only a lot of people grow more and more beautiful, more and more outstanding. Xiaobian not feeling, fortune son Huang Lei is really the son ah well! In order to cultivate a lot of literary and artistic cells, Huang Lei and his wife insisted that a lot of contact with the piano, and now not only can play the piano, but also play the guitar. A lot of course, and my sister is also a lot of people deeply attached to each other special attraction. This does not, the hard nosed Huang Lei PO a photo on micro-blog, a lot of people and sister with a blanket wrapped in the body, folding tail shape, like a mermaid two! Xiao Bian think of it, when we do not do a small child? Full of childhood memories! Two sisters into a mermaid is different from other children, a lot of no rejection of her sister, but has been like a big sister in the care of her sister. Gentle beauty greasy sister weird little sister carefully painted lip gloss gently sister lying on his legs and occasionally funny with her sister, to the face paint, dressed as a cat mouse, a look that is the sister relationship very well! A lot of my sister and sister play cat mouse with a lot of make-up is full of love for mei! Small make up to be warmed up! Not only the righteous, a lot of great literary talent, small age will write poetry English. A lot of work to do the mother love card. A lot of work – mother’s Day cards will paint! Super cute style, Xiaobian want to seek a lot of work! A lot of great work to do a lot of good and Huang Lei couple’s education can not be separated, family education is related to the child’s life. In "" Daddy where we see Huang Lei always pay attention to his words and deeds, truly educate. In order to give their daughter a better environment for growth, in the life of Huang Lei and his wife pay attention to their words and deeds, in learning to encourage and guide a lot, and for their daughter chose the international school. The open education mode of international school provides space and time for a lot of colorful art. Sina education Xiao Bian learned that many of the school is a famous international school in Beijing, the annual tuition fee of about 130 thousand, to pass the English exam to enter. Grew up in the English environment, a lot of oral fluency is not surprising. For children, a good education is a time to do what you love, rather than blindly by cramming education. In this paper, the original section of the Sina Education International School column, unauthorized reprint prohibited. Sina education parents class!! August August 2nd: "parents classroom curriculum for American schools, children also need to customize the program 4" [] "the August 4th Qilian Mountains dry cargo for their undergraduate study in" Xu Yi [August 9th] "the dry cargo to apply for U.S. schools, how to choose the new SAT ACT test and pro? "[the] Xu Yi Dry Cargo Group相关的主题文章: