Huang Anbao Xie Nanliu rock debut inside drying its former entries registration form (video)-yuanjiao

Huang Anbao Xie Nanliu the former sun rock debut inside the entry form in September 28th, Huang An Liu Yan Xie Nan, former micro-blog out of the sun in the talent contest entry form and according to the old, and then exposed Xie Nan debut a insider. Huang An wrote in micro-blog: "people often ask me how I can become famous." I say, some people praise and become the fastest. For example, my own, in a small company released three albums are not good, for the record of China in such a large company funds, the money hit to death, my company is on fire! Artists of the day, every day to help you, of course you lucky. I served as the 2005 Anhui TV show host cat judges, this game a lot of people. The first Xie Nan, when she was a little DJ in the agricultural radio station, than half of the plan is not comparable. Her mother came to me and asked me, and I said, what’s good for the agricultural radio station? Xie Nan has a champion, and she’d rather resign than go on. Her mother should have accepted, and Xie Nan won the title. Xie Nan, I’m afraid I don’t know yet. If I told her mother to retire, her life would be completely different. I’m an honored person. Xie Nan developed very well, and later married Wu Jing." She also said that Liu Yan became popular, "there must be someone behind it."". She also claimed: "I keep the competition entry form, photos, is to know in a few years, can the" grey lady said Tianbao ", there are pictures and the truth." Interview with sexy goddess Liu Yan: get married? Micro-blog has no plans to broadcast to the Tencent in the Shanghai show gossip to sweep me ~ reply "gossip", "entertainment": get the latest entertainment gossip reply "performance", "tickets": to understand the latest information on the left side of the two-dimensional code scanning, Shanghai WeChat, have more free tickets. For you to receive

黄安曝谢楠柳岩出道内幕 晒其昔日参赛报名表 9月28日,黄安在微博晒出柳岩、谢楠昔日参加选秀比赛的报名表和旧照,并曝出当年谢楠出道的一段内幕。黄安在微博写道:“经常有人问我怎样才能成名?我说有人捧,成名最快。例如我自己,在小公司出了三张唱片都不咋地,换了上华唱片这么一家资金雄厚的大公司,拿钱往死里砸,我火了!公司就是艺人的天,天都帮你,你当然走运啊。我曾担任2005年安徽卫视猫人主持秀的评委,这个比赛出了不少人。第一名谢楠,当时她在农业电台当个小DJ,比到一半打算不比了。她母亲跑来问我的意见,我说农业电台有什么好待的,谢楠有冠军相啊,宁可辞职也要继续比下去。她母亲应该接受了,谢楠果然拿了冠军。谢楠恐怕到现在都还不知道,如果当时我对她母亲讲最好退赛,她的人生将完全不一样,我是贵人啊。谢楠发展的不错,后来嫁给了吴京。”她还称柳岩走红,“背后肯定有人在捧啦”。她还自称:“我留着有当时比赛的报名表、照片,就是知道在若干年后,可以“白头宫女话天宝”,有图有真相。” 专访性感女神柳岩:结婚?还没有打算 转播到腾讯微博 在魔都看演出聊八卦 扫我就对啦~ 回复“八卦”、“娱乐”:获取最新娱乐八卦消息 回复“演出”、“门票”:了解最新资讯 扫描左侧二维码,关注上海活动微信,更有免费演出门票等你来领取相关的主题文章: