Huainan police said a man by his ex-wife multi pronged assault police mediation success-y580

Huainan police said a man by his ex-wife multi pronged assault police China police according to the successful mediation network reported that the man in his daughter’s wedding, and his ex-wife because of trivial quarrel, even by his ex-wife with an ashtray injured. In October 5th, the Huainan Municipal Public Security Bureau police station Bureau Huai Shun Shun long successful mediation caused between a pair of divorced couples grudges, both sides contributed to shake hands. 12:14 on October 5th, Shun long area police station received the hospital emergency department patients Ni a warning, saying it was beaten. Police on duty rushed to the scene, in the ward to see a Ni on his forehead, wrapped in gauze, angrily half lying on the bed, stood by the bedside of a Ni family, a middle-aged woman was in the door. The police after a detailed inquiry learned that the woman surnamed Ji, is a Ni ex-wife, a forceful, impulsive, she is called a ni. Originally, the couple married because of personality clashes have been bickering, a year ago, a Ni could not bear his wife divorced truculent and unreasonable. 4 days, two people after attending his daughter’s wedding, but also because of a trivial quarrel, check the ashtray a picked up around angrily at ni a head hit, resulting in bleeding was rushed to the hospital. The second day early in the morning, to persuade relatives, check to go to the hospital to visit a ni. Who wanted to, to a just entered the room, still in a fit of anger a Ni to be coaxed out, the two sides will also choke up, a Ni he reported to the police. The police police hand actively seek Ni a family support, the common good of a Ni ideological work, to appease their emotions, to read and check some years of affection between husband and wife to forgive; on the other hand to check with a communication, points out the existing fault from the law, and to persuade them to take the initiative to apologize to her. Ni is a gift, and bear the cost of treatment. In the joint efforts of both sides, finally bury the hatchet, a simmering conflict can be successfully resolved. (Lu Jing)相关的主题文章: