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How to let the children aged 1-3 have a good eating habit – healthy eating baby baby Sohu is one thing that mom and dad are very important, we all know that when the baby is developed to a certain period is to add complementary, most of the families are very concerned about the baby food supplement, but added to the baby food supplement to the attention of a lot of things. 1-3 years old baby growth slows down, appetite is also reduced, so be sure to let him develop a good eating habit in the future to add baby foods. How to make 1-3 years old baby has a good eating habits? 1, the baby is still small when he should develop good eating habits. To eat small meals every day, almost remained at about 5 tonnes, usually have to eat more fruits and vegetables for breakfast, including a fruit, lunch and dinner are both meat and vegetables. 2, if your baby does not love to eat cooked vegetables, let him taste those raw carrots or cucumber, can be directly to him to eat, also can be cold. 3, when you cook vegetables, it is best to use steam, because the steamed out of the dishes better than cooked flavor, nutrients will be lost less. 4, if in any case can not let your baby to accept the vegetables, can put the vegetables into small pieces, then mix in Steamed Rice or sauce. 5, if it is a family to eat together, let the baby eat more, because the baby needs more calories and fat than adults. 6, under normal circumstances, the deeper the color of fruits and vegetables, they contain more nutrients, usually in the purchase of vegetables and fruits can be selected according to this standard. 7, if the baby refused the food, then put them away, not forced to eat baby. 8, to the baby to eat healthy snacks, do not let the baby eat junk food. 9, if you do not want to let your baby eat junk food, we must first set an example, they should stay away from these foods. 10, eat only at the time of eating sugar containing things, because sugar and other foods to eat together, then dilute the acid, reducing sugar on the teeth of the corrosive. 11, can let the baby a lot of contact with the new food, thus can effectively prevent the partial eclipse. If the baby does not want to eat, mom do not give up, then try a few times he can accept. 12, in order to let the baby eat new foods, may wish to use the form of the game. The baby’s eyes, feeding the baby, let the baby guess what you just gave him something to eat. 13, all of a sudden to give him too much food will cause the baby does not have appetite, so you can put the food into a small portion, a finished and then give a copy. 14, if the baby refused to eat a certain kind of food, do not force the child to eat, and then try again. 15, let the baby try all kinds of food, to prevent the baby because of boredom and refused to eat. 16, try to give him to eat the whole food, in the past 2 years the best to give him to drink low-fat milk. 17, let your baby and you cook together, so that the baby will be more like to eat. 18, if he told you he took相关的主题文章: