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How to care for patients with tethered cord syndrome? Sohu – Health tethered cord syndrome is caused by a variety of congenital and acquired causes of spinal cord or cone by pulling, produce a series of neural dysfunction and malformation syndrome. Because the cone is often pulled by the abnormal low, it is also called the lower spinal cord. Tethered cord syndrome refers to the end of the ridge (conus) because of local lesions or short thick filum etc., a dural attachment in the spinal end tube blind end being implicated in developmental processes in the towel should stay below the position of the stop can often rise, pathological state under pressure learning stretching, twisting, etc. operation good effect of ischemia. The cause of tethered spinal cord with spinal cord swelling than adhesion, repair after expansion can lipoma, filum tension, diastematomyelia etc.. How to care for patients with tethered cord syndrome? First, do a good job of psychological preparation, beating the skin of patients with local skin care. Secondly, in order to prevent postoperative local compression should take the lateral position; there are patients with cerebrospinal fluid leakage should be prone. Furthermore, for paralyzed patients closely observe the muscle strength of lower limbs, often lower extremity muscle weakness, muscle atrophy, mild numbness, enuresis disease, with the progression of the disease showed lower limb movement disorder. Also, to assist the patient, prevent bedsore; assisting patients with limb function exercise, prevent disuse atrophy and deformity. In addition, the changes of the lower limb muscle strength may be characterized by the change of nerve nutrition, such as the low end of the lower limb, such as hair loss, hair fiber, ulcer, etc.. Also, should pay attention to the correct use of hot water bag, ice bag nursing, prevent scald and frostbite. Stand up to prevent local compression. Finally, according to the doctor’s advice, the use of neurotrophic drugs, topical wound dressing 1 to 2 times a day.相关的主题文章: