How To Block Print-yo te amo

Arts-and-Entertainment Block printing is a great technique you can use to create your own wrapping paper, wallpaper, greeting cards, stationary, invitations, or even business cards. You’ll need some supplies from your local art supply store, but if you’re crafty you can also use a few things from around the house. 1. Obtain a slab of linoleum, rubber, or like material. Obtain "cutting tools". All of these items are readily available at art supply stores. If you’d rather practice before investing in new tools, you can also use erasers, potatoes, turnips, and apples for carving materials just grab an Exacto-blade or box cutter to create your design! 2. Using a pencil, draw your design on your carving material. Then use your cutting tools (safety first!) to cut out either the marks you made with your pencil, or the surrounding areas. The areas you DON’T cut are the ones that will print. Therefore, if you want a positive of your image, cut out the surround area of your pencil marks. If you want a negative of your image, cut out your pencil marks. Different types of cutting tools achieve various sorts of cuts. Test out your tools and skill on extra slabs of material before you cut into your drawing to ensure you’ve got a steady hand. 3. Inking you block up cleanly and smoothly might take practice. You can use water-soluble block printing ink from your local art supply store, which leads to easy clean up and doesn’t emit harmful fumes. If you’d rather not invest in new ink, you can use tempera paints, or ad some water to acrylic paint. Using a small piece of plexi-glass, add about two tablespoons of ink on it. Use a small rubber roller (available at art stores, this is probably one supply you really have to buy) and evenly distribute your ink onto the plexi with it. Evenly distribute means the ink should be spread thin all over the glass and the rubber roller’s interaction with it should create a sort of ch-ch-ch sound. 4. Now, take your roller that is loaded with its smooth layer of ink, and apply it evenly to the surface of your block material. 5. Place your paper or cardstock onto the inked block and don’t move it! Smears ruin designs! Press hard onto the paper with a wooden spoon, or a "brayer" (another art supply) until you think that your design has successfully transferred onto you printing surface. 6. Carefully lift up one corner to check your design. If it’s not as dark as you like, or if you can’t see it at all, put the corner back down without moving your printing surface and continue pressing and rubbing with the spoon or brayer. If it has successfully transferred, lift your surface off the block in one decisive motion. 7. Put your print in a safe place to dry. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have your desired number of prints. You will have to keep adding ink in small amounts to your plexi with a roller in order too keep you ink fresh and smooth. 8. Clean up! If you used water-soluble ink, you can wash you block carving (and yourself) with warm, soapy water. Congratulations! You are now a block printer! Get creative with your new talent try using your block to create borders on your walls, on furniture, or even on clothing. The possibilities are endless with this easy and fun project. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: