How to be a true practitioner-happynewyear

How to be a real man in all Buddhist practice, impermanence is the most excellent Vin Gamarupoche life is impermanent, for now in the world all auspicious successful people, might not have much feeling, and every day I see someone sent me the information, you can have deep feelings. My circle is bigger than you, frequent contact may have thousands of people, there are a lot of people to send a message to me every day, hoping to get the blessing and discovery. One day, I made a statistics, the day to send me information about the classified summary: getting divorced with 17; I want to marry 26; recently did not have a good life, hope to get the blessing and bless, more than and 70 did not leave a name, 2 leave a name; the disciples around them, forty death from overwork has 3; between 20 and 50 years old suffering from cancer died 13; died 2 elderly…… There is visible before the eyes, me, everyone has pain and annoyance, if not Buddhist, when life is suffering the ensuing struggle, and will bring great pain. We can see that those who died of overwork, many are rich and capable people, many are between 35 to 45 years old. If you are born, death will come at any time. Everyone has a worry in their daily life: if you do not work hard today, tomorrow no money to do? How to support the elderly? How to pay for the right? Where children go to school, tuition how to do? Parking fees travel how to do? Very few people are willing to think: "if I die tomorrow how to do? I was ready for the afterlife? A little money I save now, you can go away?" Although no one is willing to leave early, but how many people can clearly know what time you go? Do some preparation, peace of mind calm, and often try to prepare, but not easy to die. Some of my disciples had cancer for many years, because be forthright, good practice, blessing enough, although the doctor had given them a death sentence, but many are alive, although some go, but happily, without any pain and regret. I hope everyone can often ask yourself: how much I believe in Buddhism, I was not convinced of the Buddha? Am I a bubble Buddhist? Am I ready for the afterlife? "La," says: "all beings trace, like trace is impermanent; think it is the same with the most, like the first." Buddha said: in all Buddhist practice, impermanence is the most excellent. So we should always think of all kinds of behavior, are all in this world as the last; the mouth of said, this is the last to say; what’s in your heart, this life is finally thought. It is only when the mind is fixed that it is a true spiritual practice.相关的主题文章: