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How to realize the "upgrade" — Shenzhen channel — original title: the 2 version of the aid to the deep river: Deep River helping their counterparts in how to realize the "upgrade" Guangdong "to achieve greater development, not only to the Pearl River Delta region this growth pole continue to become bigger and stronger, but also need to develop into a new Northwest of Guangdong Province growth pole." 3 years ago, the Guangdong provincial Party Secretary Hu Chunhua from the strategic height of global development, put forward the eastern northwest into a new engine for the development of Guangdong, and a new round of aid is a strategic move essay. Shenzhen of the new task clearly has a unique understanding and the pursuit of higher — from the higher pattern of regional cooperation and coordinated development under cut aid to upgrade work helping their counterparts in Shenzhen, Heyuan for the new period to version 2". Compared to other brothers city between Shenzhen and Heyuan Province, more of a layer of special economic exchanges and emotional ties, both because of the aid to more than and 20 years. But since the launch of a new round of comprehensive aid from Guangdong in November 2013, "Shenzhen + Heyuan" the old partner with Guangdong to promote the revitalization and development of the eastern northwest wind, upgrade from the past simple blood transfusion version 1, to achieve coordinated development of win-win symbiosis in horizontal joint Regional Economic Bureau Gog, creative to open a new mode of helping their counterparts. 3 years, Shenzhen, Heyuan, always grasp the three starting point — the industrial park expansion efficiency, traffic infrastructure construction, the central city expansion and quality, from the previous simple "give and take" to "change to the blood transfusion blood", "East" and "south" into "five integration" development, helping the deep river in the exploration practice has wonderful "chemical reaction", this "chemical reaction" Secretary Hu Chunhua was called "the aid of unexpected results" — Shenzhen contributed to the deep economic circle Guanhui expansion, eventually forming deep Guanhui + Heyuan, Shanwei (3+2) "economic circle. This complementary mutual promotion, mutual benefit and win-win, symbiotic financial assistance, is the Shenzhen + Heyuan 2 version continues to inject new meaning, providing new notes. A window: from the deep river industrial city to see the industry to build an area of 8 square kilometers of Deep River Industrial City, is to observe the Shenzhen Heyuan counterpart helping the "version 2" the most important window. To help the industry as a breakthrough, Shenzhen is the most effective way to implement the best choice." Heyuan Municipal Committee, deputy mayor, Shenzhen counterpart helping Heyuan headquarters commander Zhong Yinteng told reporters that the two cities of the deep river to find the effective path, but also need to have a platform to help industry landing. Based on this idea, the two cities jointly decided to deep river industrial city as the focus, in Shenzhen (Heyuan) industrial transfer industrial park has completed the selection of land preparation, the conditions are ripe plots, as the two city to build the park range. This is only 8 square kilometers of the city, its function as a beautiful environment, livable industry, production integration of the city’s modern industrial town, but in a sense, it is more of a "incubator" in the implementation of industrial support, "on this platform, is to give full play to Shenzhen the leading role of Heyuan, with Shenzhen’s reputation, brand, experience, management, financing and other unique advantages, break)相关的主题文章: