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How should the old people chest pain do? Healthy elderly patients in the Sohu, choose the hospital, select the Department, the choice of doctors is important, but the trust of doctors is indispensable. In addition, good communication with the doctor, will bring better results for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Every doctor is willing to treat the disease of the key to the patient, and teach patients how to unlock, and the patient is the master of their own health the best doctor. From the analysis of medical theory, the cause of chest pain is very complex, chest wall, thoracic organs, shoulder joint and its surrounding tissues, abdominal organs and other lesions can cause chest pain. For a short time, more acute onset of chest pain, the doctor must first rule out the non coronary heart disease angina, acute myocardial infarction, coronary artery aneurysm, aortic aneurysm, aneurysm of pulmonary artery, pulmonary embolism, herpes zoster, intercostal nerve lesions may. So, doctor when accepts the first thing to understand is the specific location, chest pain onset inducement, duration, and the quality of chest pain (pain, pain, pain, squeezing) no radiation, no fever, pain accompanied by what symptoms such as cough and clip, the relationship with breathing, etc. then related to the visual, touch, knock, listen to the relevant inspection, test or imaging (such as ECG, ultrasound, chest X-ray, CT, MRI etc.), finally make a preliminary diagnosis, treatment plan. As the patient or family members, in addition to contact as soon as possible 120 ambulance to the hospital, first check your blood pressure at home, check the number of 1 minute heartbeat, to see if there is any abnormal beats, observe whether the cough and breathing, at the onset and the incidence of the gap are not the same as what, in order to give doctors more some clinical information. Remember, do not have chest pain or excessive tension, take nitroglycerin, to know the specific administration of nitroglycerin is the treatment of acute myocardial infarction, even suspected acute myocardial infarction, early treatment is not only repeatedly taking nitroglycerin can be solved, but the drug expansion of blood vessels, excessive use can cause a drop in blood pressure, are useless for any kind of heart disease. You want to consult with can occasionally or regularly online message, reply.相关的主题文章: