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How much do you know about fortified foods? Sohu health my micro signal: slhjkyyxx blog address: sunlihong168 why food fortification? "Fortified food" is to add one or more nutrients to food, or some natural ingredients of food additives, in order to improve the nutritional value of food. A lot of people may ask, why add some nutrients to food? Are we eating the food, there are defects? Can’t you get the nutrients you need from these foods? Indeed, we have more kinds of food, but no food is perfect in every respect, all have their own shortcomings, such as Chinese staple food is rice, but rice grains such as the apparent lack of an essential amino acid, lysine, to a certain extent, will affect the nutritional value of grain. The Chinese people often eat beans, such as soybeans, methionine content is less, but also limits people’s absorption and utilization. Moreover, due to the irrational diet structure and other factors, so that people eat iron, calcium and other nutrients can not meet the needs of the human body, over time, will have a certain impact on health. Therefore, in a reasonable way, to add some kind of food to the human body is easy to lack of nutrients, has become a way to change the status of human nutrition. Do you know these fortified foods? The mention of fortified foods, many people may think of iodized salt. France in 1831 on the proposed salt iodization way to prevention and treatment of thyroid disease. During the first World War, Denmark with vitamin A fortified margarine, for the prevention of vitamin A deficiency; in 1931, the United States in the fresh milk with vitamin D to prevent rickets. China in 1994 in general in salt iodization, with remarkable results, most of the city has been wiped out "big neck disease". At present, vitamins, iodine, calcium, iron, some amino acids are common strengthening nutrients, and bread, breakfast cereals, soy milk, salt is common to be fortified food. Such as high calcium biscuits, AD calcium milk, breakfast cereals, fortified soy sauce, multi nutrient iron etc.. Why to strengthen the food full of worries? With the development of society and people’s pursuit of health and natural food, strengthen the food does not seem to have been recognized by many people, a lot of people as the nutrition and safety of full of worries fortified foods, should comply with the principle of nutrition; comply with national health standards; and to minimize the loss of nutritional supplements; at the same time to maintain the original food color, aroma and taste sensory traits; and reasonable economy, conducive to the promotion of. For consumers, the focus of attention is safety first. Because "aggrandizement" means adding other substances in food, changing the "natural composition" of food, so the public will doubt its safety. Secondly, the public is worried about adding a certain ingredient in the food, will make the human body to a certain amount of excessive intake of the body, causing additional effects. In fact, the public can understand the fear, but do not have to tangle with this. Strengthening national food promotion to the public, to supplement selection, form and dose enhancement has a clear division.相关的主题文章: