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Hot friends: after 18 years with the son of Messi reported in September 30th Golden Globes kings II world Tiago training figure + sports reporters in small, C Ronaldo 6 year old son C Ronaldinho scored in the life of the first game, users did not echo. In October 30th, Messi 4 year old son Tiago for the first time in the training Basalama West Academy, the Internet can be boiling, all kinds of Odd Photos have been released. The father is Messi, people are also very high expectations of Tiago, I hope he will be able to become the king of heaven II. The first 18 years after the Masia training can take the Golden Globe Award in 2002 Meixilama Asia first training Tiago 2016 La Masia first training Barcelona Tiago warming up ready to wear Ramos’s crotch like a father for Barca and Argentina, the data is good: the speed of Tiago scored 93, scoring 96 people, scoring 89 goals, defend the 27 pass, 86 points, 27 points of physical quality. Welcome to download the most professional sports APP sports + "please pay attention to more exciting sports +APP相关的主题文章: