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In 35 years ago by " " mortality; son? Had passed the child was adopted – Beijing, "I don’t expect him to pay for my pension treatment, is to see whether he is alive or not? For so many years, but I or a wish." Yesterday morning, in the vicinity of Shuyang County Youth Square, 56 year old farmer Ding Qiaorong and his wife once again came to the county, to 35 years ago and died in the son. She was pregnant and gave birth to twins, was told that the youngest son died. However, after the Spring Festival this year, a sick in hospital, she saw a man in the ward, so that her heart is no longer calm down, and my eldest son is too much, even the nose of the mole are exactly the same". Yangzi Evening News reporters around the peak of the past 35 years ago the little boy was told "premature" 56 year old Ding Qiaorong and 62 year old wife Yu Guanghui, is Shuyang County Township Village friendship pier. Yesterday morning, the old two came to the county of Shuyang, looking forward to and the death of the son of the year before the meeting, the family can be reunited in the Mid Autumn Festival in. Memories of the past, Ding Qiaorong’s thoughts back to 35 years ago. It was 1981 the 30th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, she was admitted to a hospital in Shuyang County, "3 months when he checked, all boys are twins." About 8 in the evening, the eldest son was born, "the doctor told me that I was a son, and let me hard, there is a." Ding Qiaorong said, because of the bleeding, she quickly fainted. A few hours later, Ding Qiaorong woke up after coming to know, the youngest son of "spoiling" (died), "her mother told me, I was very sad, she said did not see" spoil "children, I have no doubt." Doctors told her mother, the child did not come over, only to save the adults, there is a child holding on the line." Ding Qiaorong said that the hospital was later looking for her mother to 4 yuan, to the "waste" the son of the treatment. Three days later, in the field of Yu Guang hurried back, that little son died, did not think too much. In fact, being adopted son rumors? But a few years later, a rumor, let Ding Qiaorong couple’s inner waves. One day in 1988, Yu brilliant a nephew and a few friends to drink. One who lives in Shuyang East pass friend heard that he is guandun countryman, immediately filed, guandun town has a woman surnamed Ding gave birth to twin boys, one of the boys was near the home of a family adopted. Mrs. Ding Qiaorong heard about his nephew, began to doubt it, said the man was so real, it was "premature" little son is still alive? Since then, the couple began to seek the road. "I haven’t been out of work for a couple of years. I’ve been looking for my son." Yu Guanghui said he did not dare to look for the public, afraid of being beaten, only to find people to inquire. A local woman to see the glory of the poor poor, told him not to find, they know you are looking for the family, the child’s grandfather took the child to Shanghai early." Yu Guanghui couple slowly broke the idea of looking for children. 2012,.相关的主题文章: