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Hongkong retired judges have the ability to relieve the party candidates for the chief executive said the contradiction of original title: Hongkong retired judge announced candidates for the chief executive said the ability of relief among various political parties contradictory reporter Yang Weimin Hongkong fifth chief executive election will be held in March 26th next year, the 70 year old retired judge Hu Guoxing officially announced the 27 election. According to Hongkong radio 27 reported that Hu Guoxing said in a press conference the same day, they have the ability to alleviate the contradiction between the political parties and groups, to bring a new and healthy situation for Hongkong, the establishment of a fair and equitable and harmonious society. He also said that for the consensus in the next 5 years to restart the political reform, will consult the community, and the integration of the views of the parties to find a solution to accommodate the acceptance of. Hongkong Wenhui said the 70 year old Hu Guoxing in 1987 to become a barrister, in 1992 joined the judiciary, served as president of the high court and court of appeal judge and appellate court vice president, retiring after 2012 continued to serve as Deputy Judge, in October 18th of this year officially resigned. According to Hongkong, "Sing Tao Daily" 27 reported that Hu Guoxing recently invited construction and pan Gerakan for support, but the DAB and FTU said, have not received the invitation. Former financial secretary Liang Jinsong believes that it is a good candidate to run, so that the people of Hong Kong have a choice. He said, the public and the Commission should consider three aspects: the first is the chief executive candidates can effectively implement the "one country two systems", to ensure that Hongkong is a part of People’s Republic of China at the same time, also maintains the "two systems", including the existing way of life and freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law values; the second is to have the ability of good governance, especially is to develop the economy and improve people’s livelihood; third is a good way to unite Hongkong from all walks of life, reduce disputes. Party members Ye Liushuyi said, Hu Guoxing is a bear stand for performance. As to whether to support him, she said too early to see the other side of the platform. According to Hongkong’s "Ming Pao" reported on 27, the national Macao Research Association vice president Liu Zhaojia, Hu Guoxing announced the election does not mean has been central blessing. By the 1200 member election committee will elect the next chief executive in March 26th next year. The election of the Subsector Elections will be held on December 11th, and the nomination period will start from 8 next month. Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: