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Hong Kong Shenhua Shanghai final duel between the air for the thirtieth round of the Super League runner up prospective TEDA Greentown strive to avoid relegation Sui Lu meet again hulk on training season in October 30th sports Tencent 19:352016 tonight at the end of round fired simultaneously, in addition to the relegation battle, Shanghai double male port and Shenhua will start the final ranking for the League runner up. As long as the Hong Kong home court win can do so, but in addition to the Shenhua himself, who also need before the Hong Kong problem, it is worth mentioning that, Shenhua is not only fighting away, and the face is hard to stay in Asia and thailand. After Hong Kong Shenhua air for third before the 29 round of the league, Hong Kong scored 49 points, but Shenhua since the last round draw Guoan, with 48 points dropped to fourth in the standings. The final round of the competition, the Hong Kong home court sits facing the Chinese happy, as long as the win, regardless of the Shenhua game, the League runner up will get on the harbor. Shenhua to counter attack to the League runner up, in addition to their team to win, but also hope that Hong Kong can not win. If you need to draw Shenhua and Yatai, Hong Kong lost to China and Hong Kong, with Shenhua to record between the advantages of a return to the third ranking. 19:35 Hong Kong Shanghai VS Hebei Huaxia happiness one point: ending the war, Hong Kong continued strong home court? The first 14 home games of the season, on Hong Kong achieved a record of only 1 wins and a loss of only negative record of the league, the loss of the League after the home of the 8, on the port of 4 wins and 4 flat unbeaten in 8. In the face of China, as long as the victory of the port can not only keep the league’s third ranking, while the home record will go beyond Yanbian, up to the top of the home standings of the top 4. Aspect two: Wu Lei when the ball shortage? In addition to the League final ranking is the game’s aspect, the Hong Kong and Yongchang since the striker Wu Lei scored a goal after the last 2 and a half months in all competitions did not score, Wu Wang ball when to break the scoring drought focus on concern. After the end of the season, the national team will regroup, Wu Lei can not conquer the performance of national football coach Lippi? Aspect three: Marshal duel, for revenge on the Hong Kong and China’s Chinese contest, Erickson and Per Legge Leni two world class coach PK will be the largest part of the game, the two teams were 3 and 5 for facing the competition pressure, no reason to relax. In addition, the two teams played in the season for the first time, the Chinese home court lost 0-2, this guest, in the Chinese industry led by Pei but also for revenge. 19:35 Changchun Yatai VS one point: Shanghai Shenhua Shenhua Quebingshaoqiang to face relegation Team Yatai, Shenhua boss Manzano will face a serious crisis Quebingshaoqiang last weekend, the injured Moreno guarin and can return into doubt, and on the wheel and the national security of the game, Li Jianbin dyed red, the lack of war Yatai, in addition to baijiajun and Qin Sheng in the last round of the competition will be booked, accumulated 4 Yellow Road and miss Yatai contest. Shenhua is probably the only good news before Martins announced the completion of the renewal. Two things: the worm away Shenhua difficult to dispute the third? And the home court unbeaten compared Shenhua in away record is relatively general, prior to the 14 league only scored 3 wins 6 flat 5 negative results. In addition to guest factors, northeast and Yangtze River Delta weather相关的主题文章: