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The expression coronary heart disease covers a group of clinical syndromes arising particularly from failure of the coronary arteries to supply sufficient blood to the heart They include angina pectoris, coronary thrombosis or heart attack, and sudden death devoid of infarction A .mon symptom of heart disease is shortness of breath, which is caused by the blood being deprived of the appropriate amount of oxygen. An additional .mon symptom is chest pain or pain down either arm. Other signs are palpitations, fainting, emotional instability, cold hands and feet, frequent perspiration, and fatigue The basic causes of heart disease are wrong feeding habits, faulty style of living and a variety of stresses. The famous Framingham Heart Study of the National Heart and Lung Institute in Massachusetts, recognized seven major risk factors in coronary heart disease. These are: elevated blood levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, and other fatty matter; high blood uric acid levels (mostly caused by high protein diet); certain metabolic disorders, especially diabetes; obesity; smoking; and Due to lack of physical exercise Home Remedies for Heart Care Being a good quality source of vitamin C, Emblica myrobalan (amla) avoids all heart problems. Daily use of lemon prevents heart problems as it avoids the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels. Beet juice is measured the most effective for heart ailments. Daily intake of 2-3 pieces of garlic boiled in milk is advised for the prevention of heart problems. Parsley is successful remedy that keeps the heart in a healthy condition. Parsley tea can be taken 3-4 times in a day. Fresh grape fruits are very helpful in the treatment of heart disease as they tone up the heart. Apples have heart-stimulating properties and fine in heart care. Apple juice and apple jam can be taken for care of heart. A prolonged immersion bath at room temperature taken at bedtime on alternative days is very useful for the heart patients. Habitual exercise is the most important for healthy heart. People with heart problems must increases the intake of vitamin E as it recovers the oxygenation of the cells. Smoking raises the chances of heart diseases so avoid smoking. Intake of more salt should be avoided. A well balanced diet containing fruits, vegetables and cereals with natural fibre is highly advisable. Excess intake of alcohol should be restricted for heart care. The two popular rivals of the heart are high blood pressure and diabetes. So a proper check should be maintained on both of these problems Other herbal remedies for heart health are: A number of the herbal remedies for heart health include Butcher’s Broom, Gingko Biloba, Green Tea and Hawthorne Berry. Butcher’s Broom was used historically as a diuretic and should have helpful effects on blood pressure. Gingko Biloba get better circulation by dilating the blood vessels and is believed to protect the arterial walls. Green Tea has been used for weight loss, as a diuretic and is supposed to avoid platelet aggregation, this is the scientific term for materials in the blood that bind together and eventually form blood clots. Some herbal remedies for heart health have Hawthorne Berry, because of its traditional use as a heart tonic. .ponents in the plant, probably flavonoids and procyanidins, improve the strength of heart muscle contractions, assists the body maintain a healthy blood pressure, and have been reported to decrease blood lipid concentrations Heart is an organ that pumps blood in the body by which every organ of the body gets its nourishment. It is a vital organ of the body and any minor disturbance in the heart may lead to the various .plications or even death. Some organs like brain if is unable to get blood for even 5 minutes can cause brain death which eventually leads to death. Hence heart is very much required to fulfill various bodily needs. Males are more prone to heart related problems as .pared to females. Following are the various heart ailments .monly seen these days: Coronary heart disease : It refers to the blocking of the vessels that supply blood to the heart because of the clots that obstruct the normal flow of blood. That eventually leads to heart attack. Arteriosclerosis : it in normal terms means thickness of the arterial walls due to accumulation of plaques. This accumulations leads to the narrowing of the arteries and loss of elasticity and thus beholds the supply of blood from being supplied t the heart. Cardiomyopathy: myo means muscles. Hence this term relates to muscles of the heart. Cardiomyopathy means weakening of heart muscles. Angina pectoris : it is a broad term which is related to the pain in the chest region. Causes Following are the cause that cause heart ailments Hypertension Deficiency of vitamin B Over weight or obesity also leads to heart problems. Blood clot formation which is also known as thrombosis Hardening of blood vessels Leading sedentary life style Home Remedies Consuming amla daily is the best remedy to avoid heart problems. Lemon consumption daily helps in dissolving the plaques that are formed in the arteries. Juice of beet is an effective remedy for treating heard related disorders. Consuming two pieces of garlic everyday in boiled milk is good for your heart care. Intake of parsley tea helps in preventing heart troubles Grapes juice is highly re.mend as it tones up the heart muscles and helps in resolving heart problems. Apple is an excellent heart stimulant and it tones up the heart muscles. Consuming a good amount of vitamin E in the diet also helps in preventing heart troubles. Brisk walk every day and every day exercise helps in reducing risk of heart troubles. Dont smoke as it weaken the arterial a walls, thus leads to heart attack. Salt intake should be checked. A good nutritious diet including consuming green vegetables helps in reducing risks to the heart. Consuming excess alcohol has very bad effects on the heart. Always keep a check on the disease like diabetes and hypertension as these two are the major culprits in causing heart related troubles. The Air Ambulance And Small Towns By: Travel Care Air – Travel Care Air explores the recent trend of rural hospitals closing their doors and how the air ambulance industry has stepped in to help people in need. Tags: Shop.takebackcontrolcbd: Why Should You Buy Cbd For Medicinal Use? By: vikram kumar – CBD or cannabidiol is a .pound found in marijuana that has gathered a lot of interest in recent years, particularly as the case for legalization of marijuana sweeps over the globe Tags: Is Shortness Of Breath Troubling You? No More! 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