Hit the face of man Yang Zi Yuan Shanshan like the blame half of entertainment in the cut lob head-remonstrate

Hit the face of man Yang Zi Yuan Shanshan like the blame half of entertainment in the cut LOB head lead: say hair addiction, do not know what time from the beginning of female star of a game with a haircut, Yang Zi’s new self also put on the head of the lob, clear thin and fashionable to tell the truth are you sure, not ready for a half of entertainment in the haircut you! (source: PClady) hit the face of the spirit of Yuan Shanshan Yang Zi Yang Zi man woman with short hair, drying out the self timer, indeed, eat melon netizens in the comments to discuss exactly who like that no solution, this directly hit the face of success by fitness and short play a turnaround in Yuan Shanshan, is really worthy of hit cheeks! But the hair after Yan value really improved a lot, the key is you will find that this year the entertainment has been this hairstyle Shuabing! Yang Zi child star debut is easy to be finalized, so Yang Zi has been trying to mature routes, although the face has been changed, but this has been acting rushed up the black line! Hair styling before mature, oblique bangs a little more old-fashioned, priority among priorities: it shows a big head this hairstyle! Yang Zi cut to the chin length of lob seconds after the fashion! Brown linen Hair Coloring also indescribably western style, and now this hair thin air sense is the most popular, slightly everted hair and thin air long bangs modified face, head and frame glasses for decoration, such other readily shoot are invincible face! Yang Zi cut short hair to open the door to the new world, as well as Yuan Shanshan, playful lob personality full of pure temperament, compared to the long hair before the match, the United States is simply a new height. Hair tail and a bit of natural volume, simple printing white T are full of girls feel full! Karzai also recruit physique really silly white and black tie is Tianna of various lengths of hair to transform, how the degree of identification than long hair beautiful appearance becomes. Micro-blog has been shut her in a public comment on the positive price was finally brave black powder! Read the black powder and respond to the message, nausea, then you go to spit it, ugly can not, look at it, it was pretty dry! Dongyu Zhou Dongyu Zhou is the hair immediately after fashionable to fly, she cut a thin and small lob more Aura, modified face slightly curved hair better, then Liu Haisong half tie hair loose braids, fluffy hair is all relaxed many, let Dongyu Zhou in the sense of being young and a woman. The old driver Bai Baihe hair white lily recently cut hair thinner, make WOB head roll degree plus half of the rolling hair elegant and feminine, different from Korean Air bangs, with a little lazy casual radian sense of French is the most Cougar bangs light love. Wang Ziwen Wang Ziwen lob+ half tie hair rate full, rich level and full of sense of messy and her temperament is very funny tune, bangs to chaos in the stylish, slightly exposed forehead can make facial features look more delicate, hair and hair root will inject more air is the key to win the hair. Liu Tao then made up later found that Liu Tao and the hair to stay also like hin!相关的主题文章: