High school students for 50 yuan stabbed alumni sentenced to six months probation for 1 years cm68.com

High school students 50 yuan stabbed alumni was sentenced to 1 years probation for half a year – Beijing northeast news network September 28th November 2015, outside Mishan in a school in the same school, the high school students to high school students lvmou minors minors Zhang demanded 50 yuan. Zhang Lu will not give, under the guise of each other by your phone, and asked Zhang to take 50 yuan of money to redeem the mobile phone. Zhang was arrested when the phone was stabbed lu. Recently, the court sentenced him to six months imprisonment, suspended for one year. November 22nd last year, 16 am, in Mishan, on the south side of the road outside the campus, Lu (less than 18 years of age) to the victim Zhang (male, aged 15) to ask for $50, was rejected. Lu also said to his father to call from the hands of Zhang came over the phone, asked Zhang to get 50 yuan redemption phone. Zhang came forward to grab the phone, Lu stabbed with a knife Zhang, identified minor injuries. November 22nd, Lu was arrested by public security organs. In December 9th, Lu one-time legal agent Zhang compensation for the economic loss of 25 thousand yuan, the legal representative Zhang issued criminal understanding book, request a lighter punishment on lu. Mishan City People’s court in accordance with the relevant provisions of the criminal law, sentenced the defendant to six months imprisonment, suspended for one year. After the verdict, the judge sentenced Lu Yi, does not appeal, the judgment has legal effect. (Shi Dongxu)相关的主题文章: