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At the end of the high-end flagship debut about what the new machine – digital mobile phone China Sohu [news] in 2016 has been close to the end of this year and mobile phone ring bustling for a year, they are fierce competition, competing to release its own flagship product. In the two months of the year, there will be some manufacturers to launch the annual finale products, performance is also worth looking forward to the new machine, is the beginning of the end of the budding, here follow Xiaobian to check. The main safety and the life of the S9 Jin Jin M series mobile phone has been a good sales and reputation, and recently Jin official micro-blog exposed a new series of products released a poster poster, in which the subject is new cameras. According to the text, we know that this mobile phone is very clear, is to double perturbation, soft timer as the flagship, changed in our impression of partial business style, but a function of the mobile phone with beauty. In the previous news exposure, we learned that the Jin S9 design of full metal body, the screen with a 5.5 inches 1080P HD screen, and with 2.5D arc glass, the new machine is divided into gold and black two versions. In terms of performance, equipped with a frequency of eight 1.8GHz core processor, storage combination of 4GB+64GB, the battery capacity of the square 3000mAh, pre installed Android system. The main camera, Jin S9 is the use of a dual camera 13 million pixels front and rear 13 million +500 megapixel dual camera, launched its own mobile phone market in many manufacturers, Jin S9 not equipped with dual front camera also supports the soft self. Unbelievable is that this new machine has been equipped in terms of security and still do to improve, can support multiple protection mode, I believe this double perturbation soft mobile phone security will not let us down. A plus phone 3T 16 in mid year, plus a mobile phone released its own flagship flagship product with a speed plus a 3, regardless of appearance or performance are equipped with the most current flagship class hardware. Compared to other more active vendors, plus mobile phone is the first half of a grinding machine, the second half of the flagship down finally determined under the eye, a new machine with 3T will be in Beijing time on November 16th at 2 in the UK release. From the online exposure of the news, this year’s flagship equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon 821 processor, clocked up 2.35GHz, preloaded with the latest Android 7 system. Will be shipped in a mobile phone plus 3 6GB+64GB configuration, and then add 6GB+128GB storage portfolio to meet the user needs of large memory. Screen for AMOLED low-power screen, the battery has also been improved. The camera, plus a mobile phone 3T uses IMX298 sensor upgrade version of IMX398, with F1.7 large aperture, configuration and just before release of OPPO R9s, the new machine will significantly enhance the visible in the photo, one plus mobile phone 3 upgrade relative to 3300mAh 3000mAh. In addition to the new version of the machine also push.相关的主题文章: