Hidden in the health food of counterfeit goods-ghost observer

Hidden in the health food of counterfeit goods in some healthy food, hide some "fake", they seem to be very nutritious, but in fact the health benefits of co.. To learn how to find them, choose the real healthy food. Whole wheat bread in the "fake": wheat flour or bread flour in the first row of bread and whole wheat bread is mainly composed of whole wheat flour processing, whole wheat flour, wheat bran and germ including endosperm, which is rich in dietary fiber, can help intestinal health, improve constipation, can delay digestion and absorption, beneficial to prevent obesity. Some enterprises in order to cater to consumers’ preference part of whole wheat bread psychology, will use white flour to make bread, then add a small amount of caramel brown, looks like whole wheat bread, but the essence is still white bread. The list of ingredients, ranked first in most wheat flour or bread flour, second and even third is the whole wheat flour, there’s simply not only "whole wheat flour, wheat bran" two words. Such pseudo whole wheat bread, dietary fiber content is very small, naturally there will be no improvement in constipation, prevention of obesity and other benefits. Methods: to identify the true whole wheat bread ingredients, whole wheat flour in the first row. The micro brown color, the naked eye can see a lot of Wheat Bran Specks, rough texture, but the aroma. Oatmeal in the "fake": add a lot of sugar and creamer "oatmeal" by oat processed oatmeal is recognized as a healthy food, one of the most popular health ingredients is respected beta glucan, it is a water soluble fiber, has the characteristics of blood lipid and blood sugar, satiety strong. However, now on the market a lot of so-called "oatmeal" products, is a mixture of various grain, such as wheat, rice, corn, oats which accounts for only a small part, not even with oatmeal. In order to improve the taste, these products will add maltodextrin, sugar and creamer (creamer), flavor, nutritional value greatly low oats. Methods: to identify the time of purchase to read product ingredients carefully, pure natural oat ingredients only "oats", and some products of poor nutrition ingredients as well as creamer, sugar, maltodextrin and other ingredients. Vinegar in the "fake": by blending, adding pigment and essence are really healthy vinegar on apple and hawthorn as raw materials, through cleaning, crushing, juicing, made by liquid fermentation to brew drinks, it combines juice and vinegar, the acetic acid content of more than 5%. Vinegar is rich in nutrition, help to promote digestion, increase appetite, especially in eating or eating more, poor digestion of food, it is suitable for a drink. And lots of fruit vinegar beverage without fermentation, only through blending, and add made of pigment and essence etc.. The sugar content of fruit vinegar beverage is often higher, a large number of long-term drinking will increase the risk of obesity. Identify methods: vinegar nutrition label good quality will specify the processing method and the content of fruit juice. Consumers in the purchase, to choose the best processing method for fermentation of high concentration vinegar and fruit juice. Tofu in the "fake": content of soybean with little or no salt or soy, but)相关的主题文章: