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Henan Anyang issued driver’s license test new penalties for traffic violations – direct guidance – Sohu news Beijing Zhengzhou 25 February Xinhua (reporter menjiedan) February 25th, reporters from Anyang city of Henan Province, the police was informed that, as the only Henan driver’s license exam point straight city self-study, self-study exam has now introduced direct license. Among them, the self taught personnel and vehicle guidance personnel have strict regulations, once traffic violations, will be severely punished. At the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Public Security issued the announcement on the self taught straight examination points of motor vehicle driving license, and decided to take the lead in self driving straight examination points in 16 cities. Anyang was honored to be the 16 pilot city and the only pilot city in Henan. A driver’s license for direct self-study exam, Anyang city recently issued rules: self vehicles should be equipped with safety auxiliary device, the inspection qualified rear can use; must learn together to vehicle driving cars and receive a free proof special mark of self-study examination staff and direct vehicle guidance; learning to drive on the road, should carry learning to drive that, in a limited training vehicle before and after placement, paste special logo car a car; the mark only allowed within the time specified in the endorsement of a self, a truck, a self-study guidance personnel for vehicle; vehicle guidance personnel shall not engage in car driving through self-study and education activities. The reporter understands, Anyang city for the driver’s license self-study straight exam self-study personnel and car guide personnel also carried out strict regulations, once the traffic violation, the two will be severely punished. Self personnel traffic violations in vehicle guidance under the guidance of the staff, shall be punished for vehicle guidance personnel; personnel have not obtained self learning driving certificate, learn to drive that over the period, no qualified personnel with the vehicle guidance behavior, in accordance with the motor vehicle driving license without obtaining illegal driving, be punished the traffic accident happened on self-learning; learning during driving, according to the law by the vehicle guidance personnel responsibility, no qualified personnel to guide the self-taught personnel to undertake legal responsibility. It is learnt that the new self examination of the driver’s license will be formally implemented in April 1st.

河南安阳出台驾照自学直考新政 交通违法处罚指导人-搜狐新闻  中新网郑州2月25日电 (记者 门杰丹)2月25日,记者从河南省安阳市警方获悉,作为河南唯一驾照自学直考试点城市,驾照自学直考目前已经出台。其中,对自学人员和随车指导人员进行了严格的规定,一旦出现交通违法,也将严厉处罚。   今年初,公安部等发布了《关于机动车驾驶证自学直考试点的公告》,确定率先在16个城市开展驾照自学直考试点。安阳市有幸跻身16个试点城市,也是河南省唯一一个试点城市。   针对驾照自学直考,安阳市新近出台的细则规定:自学用车应加装安全辅助装置,经检验合格后方可使用;自学直考人员和随车指导人员必须共同向车管所免费领取学习驾驶证明和学车专用标识;在道路上学习驾驶,应当携带学习驾驶证明,在限定训练车辆车身前后放置、粘贴学车专用标识;一个学车专用标识在规定时间内只允许签注一名自学人员、一名随车指导人员、一辆自学用车;随车指导人员不得利用自学用车从事经营性驾驶教育活动。   记者了解到,安阳市对于驾照自学直考的自学人员和随车指导人员也进行了严格的规定,一旦出现交通违法,二者将严厉处罚。自学人员在随车指导人员指导下发生交通违法行为的,对随车指导人员予以处罚;自学人员有未取得学习驾驶证明、学习驾驶证明超过有效期、无具备资格人员随车指导等行为的,按照未取得机动车驾驶证驾驶机动车违法行为,对自学人员予以处罚;学习驾驶期间发生交通事故的,依法由随车指导人员承担责任,无具备资格人员指导的自学人员自行承担法律责任。   据悉,该驾驶证自学直考新政将于4月1日起正式实施。相关的主题文章: