Hebei Tangshan hurricane action to crack the implementation of the 7188 people were black-ca1290

Hebei Tangshan "hurricane action" to break execution problems 7188 people were "black" – the new network for the Hebei Tangshan intermediate people’s court to carry out "hurricane action". In an investment company, the executive director of the five branch of the visual command system through real-time reporting to the superior implementation of the situation. Bai Yunshui photo Beijing, November 11 Tangshan Xinhua (reporter Bai Yunshui) to further solve the problem of grassroots courts, in accordance with the law to suspend the end a number of petition cases, crack down on evasion of enforcement, Hebei Province, Tangshan City in 10 days, 11 days two days "hurricane Qiang Dagong, the court system of the people’s livelihood and the implementation of the backlog petition the case of the debtor, the focus on corporate financial room or personal residence, a number of pending petition was completely cleaned or exit procedures. On the same day, the reporter to follow the Tangshan City intermediate people’s Court of the Executive Board of the five branch of the bailiff came to an investment company in accordance with the law, the execution is still not in place in the bailiff to inform and wait 1 hours after the company’s legal situation, according to the law of the company inside the safe property and financial room computer sequestration. During the seizure, the Tangshan City intermediate people’s court Li Yanming via video remote command system advanced on-site command and condolences to the front-line police officers. The implementation of the five branch of the hospital Secretary of the system through the real-time report to the superior of the implementation of the situation. Intermediate visual command system in Tangshan in August this year built and put into use, to achieve real-time video and voice communication, forming a one-piece, quick response to the integration of remote command system, this system created a domestic cities precedent, have been fully affirmed the state Supreme Court President Zhou Qiang. According to the Tangshan City intermediate people’s Court Executive Bureau deputy director Guo Yibao introduction, this year 1-10 month, the city court received a total of 19910 enforcement cases, rulings 15304, respectively, representing an increase of 18.6% and 21.3%, implementation of the settlement rate of 76.87%. Apply for the implementation of the subject amount of 11 billion 360 million yuan, the implementation of the amount of cash of $4 billion 750 million, an increase of more than last year, the implementation of cash to honor the $1 billion 20 million, an increase of 27.3%. The implementation of the court in the case of the office of police officers per capita number is 166. Guo Yibao said, as of now, the hospital organization focus on cross action 674 times, into a force of 29714 people, all kinds of rulings backlog 4291, implementation assistance 279, the amount of relief 3 million 900 thousand yuan, executive cash amount of 580 million yuan, representing an increase of 40.5%. "Hurricane action" in the Tangshan court system of arrest 3834 people, detained 1210 people, forced to search 345, a fine of 4 million 574 thousand yuan, the limit of high consumption of 3270 people, 7188 people into the blacklist dishonest, on suspicion of refusing to execute 154 transferred to public security organs 167 people court judge crime, there are 72 "Laolai" for refusing to execution of criminal responsibility according to law. In front of a powerful offensive, there are 1924 people who have been active to the court to perform their obligations. (end)相关的主题文章: