Heavy joy C airborne Chengdu! Countdown to the countdown roxane hayward

Heavy: Joy C airborne Chengdu! Officially entered the countdown 2016 C Joy digital entertainment festival – Chengdu Railway Station officially opened the curtain!!!! On October 1-4, Chengdu International Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo century square dance, more than 20000 square large venues, waiting for you to play HIGH!!! During the ChinaJoy two dimension party Party Shanghai dimensional wall has been breached, Chengdu buddies, even if there is no experience, never mind, CJOY Digital Life Festival officially entered the countdown. At that time, there will be the most burning scene of LIVE, the most popular idol group to help out, many foreign singers sing live, the most the new cutting-edge science and technology experience, the most popular gaming show, take you to break through the wall dimension, what are you waiting for? Come and join us. What is no truth? Now let me be leaked in advance. 44 meters super luxury, absolute concert level stage, unprecedented lineup of guests, unparalleled live performances… Also worry not play? The stage had no fancy what you say can see idols in the audience, no, this carefully prepared a big wave of meeting, handshakes and signings, with love love expose them in Chengdu "zero distance", this is not a slogan! CALL up!   October 1st to 4 days, 4 days, buddies, we are not Be There Or Be Square chowhound! No, come back, how can you eat less food in Chengdu? The two dimension big party, comparable to Chinajoy well, the key is wine and dine together! Join the two dimension idle away in seeking pleasure! In the festival of life, the food group. More guests, please look forward to it if you want to know more information about our #CJOY digital entertainment festival #, remember to pay attention to our official WeChat Oh ~ Life Festival message not updated ~ there are a lot of welfare sweepstakes waiting for you ~ do not miss oh.相关的主题文章: